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Instead Lancer Evo will be “hot” Mitsubishi ASX 2016

Next Mitsubishi ASX get "charged" version, which will replace the legendary "evolution". "Hot" hybrid crossover of the brand Mitsubishi, which is to replace turbosedan iconic...

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New cars 2021 – 2022: reviews, prices, specs

Are you searching for the most detalized information about new cars of 2021 and 2022 years? You can get it on this site!

Our country boasts a huge amount of motorists and new car enthusiasts. Some drivers like speeding up their Hondas, others spend half of their lifeworking as a truck driver, and some people prefer the freedom of convertibles. All these people share the same passion – cars and everything that revolves around them. Our website is your resource of fresh news about the latest events of the car world: presentations of the new models, motor shows, new car reviews and prices etc.

The main tendency of the automobile world in 2022

The giants of car industry are used to public attention and admiration – every year they show a few new supercar models with different specs. However, smaller companies don’t fall off and show their own concepts.

What is the main trend now? Economy is the king. It became the motto of various car developers in 2022. They worked hard and created the models that consume much less petrol. The urge to create a new economical model that uses much less gasoline is rather a need than a whim because the cost of POL constantly raises. In some cases it makes car prices more affordable. Of course, such things as economical usage of petroleum and a supercar can’t go along, that’s why the new technologies are not applied to sport cars, outlanders and some crossovers. Nowadays the minimal swept volume of a new model equals 1.2 liters.

Japanese, German and American brands will present their latest new models on 2021-2022. China has something to show too. Lately, this country has tended to take leading places in different domains, car industry not being an exception. Both experts and amateurs agree that new Chinese automobiles are of high quality, good price and comfort.

At last, the colossi such as BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes, well known for their powerful and expensive cars, will listen to the medium class. Some new cars 2022 were developed specially for the people with average income. In general, even medium-class cars become more comfortable and their default package includes various options such as cruise control, seat heating and air-conditioning.

Popular motor shows and new interesting cars of 2021-2022

So what are the places to see the latest cars of 2021? Dozens of international car expositions are held annually, while the count of regional scale expos goes into hundreds. Car enthusiasts prefer to call them “motor shows”. The biggest shows have become some sort of a cult attracting the elite of auto, showbiz and political worlds. Usually the most advanced supercars are shown there in their extreme configurations. Some brands create the concept cars only for the shows whereas serial models get a simpler default package.

One of such events is the Paris Motor Show. It is the oldest and one of the most prestigious; the first opening took place in the end of 19th century.

Goodwood Festival of Speed is famous for the rarest and most exclusive models ever shown while California Motor Show is known for the most luxurious models.

The novelties of 2021, such as Volvo XC90, are especially anticipated. It was first shown at the Paris Motor Show. Its luxurycollapsed the stereotype of Sweden conservatism and constraint – intuitive control panel, expressive displays, powerful and yet economical engine under the hood.

Hyundai Sonata was introduced previous March. It was intended to be sold only at the inner market. This year Sonata debuted at the New York Motor Show with a package fitting European and American roads. The exterior became wider and longer but the engine hasn’t seen any real changes. The default options included electricauto glass hoist, a kit of multimedia slots, LED-optics and other gadgets.

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Here you can get acknowledged with international automobile companies’ ratings, which car would better suit an amateur, how to buy a jeep or an outlander with an affordable price, get some discounts etc. We are always at the edge and we provide you with ratings and news of our own automotive industry that can boast a great success at Russian car market.


Black Buick Riviera

Black Buick Riviera: Images, Specs, Price

Here are the best photos of black Buick Riviera from different angles. You can download them and use it as wallpaper for your desktop or...


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Black Buick Riviera

Black Buick Riviera: Images, Specs, Price

Here are the best photos of black Buick Riviera from different angles. You can download them and use it as wallpaper for your desktop or...



Black Buick Riviera: Images, Specs, Price

Black Buick Riviera
Here are the best photos of black Buick Riviera from different angles. You can download them and use it as wallpaper for your desktop or...

The AutoVAZ company announced start of sales of the fastest Lada...

the fastest Lada Xray
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