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“Audi” has been preparing autopilot with rudiments of intellect


The Audi company manage operation on formation of autonomous drive system, which possibilities will develop in real time thanks to communicating with special cloud service. That service will be able to control and correct driving geometry of autopilot.
Passing data between autopilot and cloud service will be organized though LTE-connection, through online-service Audi connect, which for several years are proposed as additory option for many models. Autopilot will collect data of its activities and send that to “cloud”.
A system with rudiments of made intellect receive name zFAS. It will be like microchip with size of tablet PC. Contains for zFAS were worked out by deliverer of car parts Delphi. Here are used two processors – Tegra K1 of nVidia company and EyeQ3 of Mobileye company. Content solution will be prepaired by TTech, which specialize in save protocol of sharing data.
Either Audi Company was named other manufacturers, which would deliver parts of autopilot – Bosch, Continental and Valeo. These companies concentrate directly on working out driving systems, not on made intellect – here we talk about sensory devices, radar guns, wheel direction and brake system.
First serial Audi with autopilots will appear in 2017. Models with “self-learning” autopilot must appear after several years.


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