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LA Auto Show 2018: Dates, Debuts and News

Wanna know when is the LA Auto Show 2018? Los Angeles Auto Show will be opened to the PUBLIC December 1-10, 2018. PRESS & TRADE DAYS: December 1-10. In the autumn of 2018 are expected one of the most important event in the automotive world. On 1-10 December 2018 the Los Angeles Convention Center will host the annual motor show. American вream сity will take in all guests and connoisseurs of cars from all over the world. Ticket sales have not been started yet. However, by assumption of some sources, the price of tickets for Los Angeles car show 2018 will be about $15-20. As always, realization of this auto show are planned with participation of the best models: like the podium and roads. Of course, there are expected famous guests. Nevertheless, for a wide audience has its own timetable of exposure, where anyone can come to see cars of the future.

What Car Brands Will Be Presented at LA Motor Show in 2016?

Every year LA Motor Show hosts under one roof the best of the best. World car brands will request the pleasure to present their models at Los Angeles Auto Show. Going forward, in auto show in 2016 everebody will see many of the famous auto brands: The Japanese are omnipresent. Their cars are in the number of luxury automobile brands in the world. At Los Angeles Car Show 2016, Toyota is going to present some supercars. Information about what it will the models have still be kept in secret, perhaps, a corporation may enlist the number of cars for the presentation. At the last LA Autoshow, the company was presented the updated hot-hatch iM Concept. Another Japanese car brand Honda announced the representation of only one model. There is a strong possibility that company will find a few of new models to present at Los Angeles auto show 2016. At the Auto Show 2015, the attention of fans of the brand was focused on the small crossover of HR-V class. Be sure, either of the world Motor Shows are not realized without the Germans. For example, car manufacturer Volkswagen marked by exclusive models on hydrogen fuel. It is possible that the current engine is also able to surprise connoisseurs of alternative transport. In addition to the alternative mode of transport, car brand was presented the "classic" cars - Wagon Golf R Variant, which is dubbed the "hot" new from Volkswagen. Another European car brands - Porsche in the world motor exhibits demonstarates mostly sports cars. But there are rare exceptions. There is a strong possibility that they may have to wait this year. However, the last LA's motor shows' presentation marked a new sports model from Porsche. The American car industry has always been represented by one of the most luxury car brands - Cadillac. At the last la auto Show the company was presented sedan ATS-V class "luxury". Of course, and the upcoming motor show will be not completed without the famous American. Another Japanese car brand, which likes to shock with their supercars, Mazda, do not pass away through eminent motor show. Ditto Los Angeles auto show 2016. Last year, fans were able to assess the brand new powerful crossover CX-5. It was presented in a luscious red. Of course, it is no exaggeration to assert that at a future motor show in the USA city of hot Mazda tries to excite auto community. One of the most democratic in position of price car brands Chevrolet has always approached with the seriousness to the world's motor shows. Any participation in the exhibition as expected by fans of this brand of car. Here a variety of models makes testing submitted interest either SUV lovers or fans of more traditional sedans. It is impossible to accurately say for sure that he is ready to present car manufacturer this year, but the last was successful for him - its SUV Colorado ZR2 Concept could be appreciated.

Historical Facts about Los Angeles Car Show

Every year American city of Los Angeles unites on the platform of Convention Center thousands car fans, motorists, representatives of all elite car industry at the Car Show in Los Angeles. The tradition was founded in 1907 and since then every year is celebrated with new high-profile premieres by famous car brands. Originally, the date was set for carrying out the month of January. Nevertheless, because of the intersection of dates with other auto show organizers in the 2006th moved LA's auto show to the middle of November.