Home Auto News “AutoVAZ” sales grew on 13.2% in October

“AutoVAZ” sales grew on 13.2% in October

“AutoVAZ” sales grew on 13.2% in October

It became known that Russian car manufacturer “AutoVAZ” increased their automobile realization on Russian car market on 13.2%. Dealers of the concern sold out 23 337 cars in total for the month.

“AutoVAZ” reported that the volume of realization in October became record from the beginning of the year. Lada models’ sales are reduced to 213.2 copies, which corresponds to decline in demand for 5%. In total, “AutoVAZ” positions, following the results of the third quarter, remained conditionally stable. The market share of the company constitutes 18.4%, compare to 2015 year with 15.8%.

AutoVAZ” sales grew on 13.2% in October

It is announced that the biggest demand in Russian Federation has Lada Granta 4×4, which have been bought by 6 815 buyers. This indicator grew on 26.8% compare to last year. Lada Vesta (5 thousand) and Lada Largus (3 thousand copies) were entered top three of “AutoVAZ” automobiles in Russia.


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