Home Best Black Buick Riviera: Images, Specs, Price

Black Buick Riviera: Images, Specs, Price

Black Buick Riviera

Black Buick Riviera: image for wallpaper

Here are the best photos of black Buick Riviera
from different angles. You can download them and use it as wallpaper for your desktop or just enjoy the beautiful view

Black Buick Riviera: picture for wallpaper

We also collected specs and other interesting information about black Buick Riviera

FUEL ECONOMY (city/highway) 18 mpg/27 mpg
TOP SPEED 142 mph (229 km/h)
PRICE (MSRP) 35,000$
ENGINE SIZE/CODE 243 PS (179 kW; 240 bhp)
ТRANSMISSION 4-speed automatic transmission
CAR TYPE mid-size car

Black Buick Riviera: photo for wallpaper


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