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BMW 5-Series: first look


Prior to the launch of a series of “five” BMW new generation remained little more than a year, and this means that the developmental testing trends are gradually nearing completion. The lenses spies was camouflaged copy of passing tests on the North Loop of the Nürburgring, where German companies (and not only them), “learn to ride” their cars.


On the design of future trends is impossible to judge, but according to the pictures, the model 5-Series retain a recognizable silhouette. On the technical stuffing is already known something. The main innovation – a transition to a completely new platform. As the current generation, the new flagship will share a platform with “Seven”, but it will be a completely new “truck”. First, it will get a new “Seven”, which will debut in a few months, and after some development will inherit and “five”.

Pro platform is known that in the design will be more widely used aluminum and, possibly carbon fiber. It is expected that the “five” reset of at least 100 kg.

As for powertrains, apparently not planned any surprises. Most of the range of engines will be taken at the current generation.

According to rumors, the new sedan 5 Series will go to European dealers in June 2016 (which means that soon our). By autumn arrives wagon. And later we can expect and 5 hatchback GT. In Russia and in the West it is not “fired”, but in China, this version is in demand, so that the Bavarians will not abandon it.


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