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BMW i8 will become more accessible


Concern BMW has announced increasing of number i8 model in the market. Last two months there was huge demand on BMW i8 which continues to grow, so concern decided to double production this model. Harald Krueger, head of the BMW production department, said that today the new BMW i8 buyer had to wait in line at least four months. At the moment, the company’s plant in Leipzig produces 20 copies of the BMW i8 per a day.
Over the past 2014, the company has sold 17,800 different models of BMW. Despite the fact that the leader of sales is BMW i3, BMW i8 sales totaled 1,748 copies. The third part of them were sold in the US, where you can buy this model for about $135000. In Europe, the cost of the car starts from €35000.
For the first time BMW i8 has been presented public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009, while the series production began in 2013. Model i8 is a two-door coupe with hybrid synchronous motor. Such system combines two kinds of engines: the electric motor 96 kW, powered by lithium-ion batteries, and 1.5-liter petrol three-cylinder turbocharged engine maximum power of 170 kW.


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