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BWM 7-Series was officially presented: photos and information


Bavarian car manufacture officially showed flagman sedan of new generation.

BMW Company officially disclosed 7-Series sedan of new generation. In Europe car sale will start in October 2015. Before that will be public debut of a novelty in Frankfurt Motor Show 2015.


As compared to its predecessor, BMW 7-Series grew a little bit in length, bur width and height stayed the same. Boundary dimensions of a new car are 5068 mm x 1902 mm x 1478 mm with wheel-base of 3070 mm. Besides, there is a longish version, which in some car market (for example, USA) will be the only one. A wheel-base of such version will be 3210 mm and length – 5238 mm.

BMW 7-Series outside renewed in keeping with current style of a automobile of Bavarian mark. There should be noticed specific fluency of line, tight headlights (optionally it can be laser), abutting automobile bumper, and also in rear bodywork – big chrome line and LED lamps.


In interior the creators saved familiar arrangement, but they changed some details. Except new steering wheel and all new electric vehicle dashboard, which feature can be rectified under a driver, there should be noticed a multimedia complex iDrive 5.0, which is able to take measure of drivers’ gestures.  For example, in this way a car owner can control music sound, answer telephone call and use other multimedia features.

Except these, passenger compartment of BMW 7-Series received 4-zone climate control, optional 7-inch tablet PC, which allows controlling different car functions, and also induction charging of mobile. Besides, a buyer will get audio system Bowers & Wilkins Diamond, system of air ionization. Purchasers of longish version also receive a panoramic roof.


Technically a new BMW car is built on basis of new platform with use of Carbon Core technology, thanks to which the whole weight of a novelty was able to lower for more than 130 kg if compared to its predecessor. Before the beginning of car sale in Europe, Germany flagman will be proposed with two versions of motors – 3-liters “turbo-sixth” with power of 326 hp and 4.4-liters turbo-V8 with capacity of 450 hp – and one diesel engine (3.0 liters, 265 hp). Transmission will be automatic 8-level ZF. Drive gear – front and rear. In the following times in “seven”  will appear other power packs, which will include hybrid total capacity of 326 hp, but that moment will be announced additionally.

Among other issues, new BMW car will get whole line of electronic helpers. For example, a car will be able to pick up in narrow of garage without a driver inside – for that a car owner should only press the button on fob.


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