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Cadillac: history, interesting facts and photo galleries

“Life, freedom, aspiration!” – it is the motto of one of the oldest automobile brands – Cadillac. Also this brand is one of the most prestigious models of car in the world. Cadillac stands in one line with such giants of automobile industry as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari. He can conquer only with Buick. Nowadays many people argue about the seniority of these two brands. Producing country of brand Cadillac is USA. Basically, people can buy these cars in USA and Canada.

Today the company tries to develop rapidly. In 2013 in North America there were sold about 182 thousands examples. This index grows every year. For American people Cadillac is a symbol of purpose, American dream and luxury. Being a newcomer, the company was the first model of American premium class cars.

The product line of brand Cadillac

This automobile brand is specialized in producing cars of mass use. In its line you can see the most popular modifications of cars: from sedans to crossovers. But the main rule of the company is the pursuit of elegant luxury in combination with high technologies and comfort. That’s why this brand is very prestigious and chic.

The earlier models of Cadillac

Before the Great Depression the company managed to produce several significant models. There were two-door cabriolets Cadillac Series 452 Roadster 1930 and Cadillac Series 452 V16 Convertible 1931 among them. In 1932 the company released four-door cabriolet Cadillac Series 452-B Dual Cowl Phaeton. Later the pictures of these models were on retro cards. During the Great depression the company had problems too.  Sooner they became almost bankrupt. It happened because of their policy against black people.

After the Great Depression the company produced many good and luxury cars. There were Cadillac Series 70 Convertible Coupe 1937, La Salle Series 38-5027 Coupe 1938 and the famous Cadillac Series 75 Imperial Sedan 1940. The photos of these cars you can see only in private collections.

The pictures of Cadillac’s tanks it is not a Photoshop. They are real. During the Second World War the company tried to produce the military technical equipment. The success of this producing was great. There were 1470 M5 Stuart tanks.

After the war Cadillac returns in producing civil vehicles.

  • Eldorado Brume is the name of Cadillac’s car, which had been produced in 1953. We can call it as a totally renewed car of high class.
  • Cadillac Fleetwood was in the end of 50s.This model had a very interesting design. There were driftwood at the back of this car and it looks very daintily.
  •  There was a technical revolution for Cadillac in 60s. The front –wheel drive Cadillac was in 1967.  It was a modification of two-door coupe and it had chrome design. That’s why this car can possibly be a lux class car.
  • In the middle 70s, the company produced model Seville, which had a compact form and it was easy to use it

Nowadays the pictures of retro models of Cadillac are very famous. And the models of previous century we could see in private collections.  Collectors use very carefully their cars.

Earlier models of Cadillac on pictures

Interesting video about earlier models of Cadillac

The modern models of Cadillac

There were many innovations for company in the 21 century. While the company tries to use new technologies, automobile brand saves its identity.

  •  The company produced Cadillac Escalade in 2000. It is lux SUV. It has 5,7 liters and 225-horsepower.
  • Escalade EXT it is a transformer pickup truck. You can easily turn this car in an auto truck.  Ithaspowerfulsixlitersengine.
  •  Cadillac CTS is a business class automobile. In 2009 the car was in universal modification and in 2010 in modification of coupe.
  •  The most expensive Cadillac is the model of 2012 year – Hennessey VR1200 Twin Turbo Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. Nowitcosts380 thousanddollars.

Modern automobile shows such as Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo and NY always try to show the latest models of automobile brand Cadillac. Sometimes automobile spies tries to make a photo of these cars in test-drives.

The modern models of Cadillac on photos

The modern models of Cadillac on video

The most expected models of Cadillac

Judging by the previous automobile showrooms, the company decided to do many surprises. There were even spy photos of Cadillac in test –drive in the web. Experts can see some details in these cars. And what cars will be in the future?

  1. In 2016 the company will produce new Cadillac ХТ-5 in modification of crossover. The main characteristic of this car will be the six-cylinder engine and automatic transmission.
  2. Cadillac Escalade 2015 was presented in LA .It is lux class crossover.  Ithas 6,2 litersand 420-horsepower.

Cadillac many times surprised fans producing super cars, which were the most luxury cars.

  • Hennessey V800 Cadillac CTS-V 2010 is a sedan. It has a powerful 800-horsepower engine. And the price of this car is about 260 thousand dollars.
  •  Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1959 is the most luxury red cabriolet. Ithas 345-horsepowerandthespeed 222 kminhour.
  • Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon Hennessey HPE750 Supercharged has “chic” characteristics. Ithas 556-horsepower.

The photo galleries about most outstanding models of Cadillac

The history of brand Cadillac

The company was born in 1902.  The founder of the company is Henry Leland. It was named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe-Cadillac, who founded Detroit.

Cadillac was purchased by the General motors in 1909. Many achievements in automobile constructing belong to the company. We must thank the company for steel roof, unaccented transmission and full electrical system.

The engine V8 became the standard for the whole American car industry.  Cadillac won Royal automobile race of Britain.

It is interesting, than the founder of other automobile brand Ford –Henry Ford started his work exactly in Cadillac company, but sooner he had to go.