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TOP 10 of The Best Cheap and Affordable Cars & New Fast Cars Under $20k


In this article we’ll talking about the best affordable cars in the world.

Cheap vehicles with small price have always been popular among people with budgetary limitations. Nevertheless, this selection of buyers is always in the majority, if compare them to the contingent, which can afford exclusive cars with a fabulous cost. Near 5-7 years ago, the entire world community thought that the cheapest cars were made in China.

China is considered a major producer of the most affordable cars. But, today this country manages to make the most of products to the consumer at the low possible prices.

Cheap and affordable cars

Ranking of the most affordable cars annually make many European and American resources. The cheapness of the car does  not speak of its popularity. Often, the price is made on basis of the financial posibilities of the target audience.

Car model, like Jiangnan Alto can fairy win the nomination “quality-price.” To date the latest version of the Chinese technical equipment of $3.6 thousands. It has a steel and plastic body. The compact four-wheel drive car was designed by concern Suzuki, in some countries, the machine is called the Nissan Pixo or Suzuki Alto. This car has such characteristics:

  • Equipment of either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic;
  • 2 body type: sedan and hatchback;
  • Folding rear seats;
  • Maximum speed of 125 km / h.

But, its engineering is not such expensive. Many potential car owners are primarily interested in cheaper machines because of their economical service and room for maneuver on city roads. At the same time buyers are not ready to completely give up the comfort and convenience.

Top 10 of the cheapest cars in the world

First place is for the cheapest car in the world – Chinese Zotye Z100, which price is $3.5 thousand. The car has a 1.0-liter engine with 56 hp. There are available to the consumer manual or automatic transmission. The vehicle is mounted with a modern design and equipment (power pack, radio, air conditioning, ABS and EBD) and other useful features.

cheap cars Geely

Geely Merrie has cost of $4.7 thousand. The car is a 5-door hatchback with improved powertrains. Because of the discrepancy established safety standards in America and Europe to car did not show the expected interest.

Chinese Chery QQ

Also interesting in OnlyCars Club:

The cost of Chinese Chery QQ is about $4800. It is officially sold only in China. An updated version of the machine was called QQ3, it is designed mainly for city driving and raise speed up to 84 km/h.

cheap car suzuki

Suzuki Maruti 800, before the production of the legendary Indian Tata Nano, is ranked 1st place. Today, it is placed 5th with a cost of $ 4,900. Nevertheless, unlike its main competitors, Suzuki Maruti 800 is characterized by safety, while in the event of an accident of Tata Nano at 60 km / h, the chances to survive its passengers virtually none. Suzuki can raise its speed up to 125 km/h, and the compact size fits salon driver with three passengers of medium build.

affordable cars geely

In 5th place is another “Chinese” car with the short name Geely MR. Its average price is around 5500 dollars. Despite the budgetary cost of the vehicle, it is not without comfort attributes for safety movement. Automobile is able to develop a speed of up to 140 km/h and is equipped with air conditioning, DVD players and comfortable seating.

the most affordable cars tata

Tata Indica has price about $8900 – one of the first attempts of the Indian automanufacturer to produce a comfortable and quality car. Even under the brand name Rover, car sales were at a low level, so the budget price – it is not always a guarantee of success.

affordable car Hyundai

On 7th place the most affordable cars in the world is Hyundai i10 with a price of $9000. He made his debut in 2007 in India. The car is equipped with a minimal set of necessary funds for the passive safety of its passengers. For the European market, a special export version.

the cheapest autos Fiat

This “European» Fiat Palio in many countries called Albea. Its price is set at $9.2 thousand. It is well-proven by our compatriots in a reliable and safe vehicle.

Rounded out the top 10 of the cheapest cars in the world automobile market with the price of Renault Logan in $9500. Affordable C-Class automobile is sold mainly in Eastern Europe and other developing countries. The car with the basic configuration in the eastern region will cost in $6000, while the European market it will cost considerably more expensive.

Top 10 of Cheap Cars That Are Fast

True adherents of high-speed hatchbacks with rather inexpensive cost appreciate own cars that they without special work can overtake practically everything that moves. Rather poor fans of speeds can overtake the powers that be on Mercedes, driving the budgetary Opel or other make of the car. Modern car makers suggest to get cars at cost to 25 thousand dollars with a power which will compete with any supercar. It is important to notice that if in America the price of a certain model of the car is established within 18 thousand dollars, in our country it will cost 23 thousand. However, even such cost is much cheaper than the world famous and advertized “sport cars”.

the cheapest brands saturn

One of the fastest affordable cars in 2018 with a price of 18.2 thousand dollars Saturn Ion Red Line is presented on display to the public. The car is a 2-door coupe with a turbo engine and capacity of 200 hp. Interior is made in the spirit of the best racing car – sports seats are clearly marked lateral support. Pleasantly surprised white dials on the dashboard and stylish finish “under the metal.” To 100 km/h high-speed the machine will accelerate in only 7,1 second after the beginning of start.

affordable brands Chevrolet

Fast car – the popular Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged in USA can be bought with price of $19,800. For these money automobile will be mounted with ABS, disc brakes (on 4 wheels), leather interior and a relatively powerful motor (up to 205 hp). The car is a 2-door coupe with a spoiler on the trunk of an impressive size. Accelerate to 100 kilometers of high-speed machine can in just 6.1 seconds.

cheap car Volkswagen

One of the fastest affordable cars is worthy representative of the 5th generation GTI – Volkswagen Golf with $22.1 thousands cost. The car is mounted with a turbocharged engine (200 hp) and a 6-speed manual transmission. On the choice of the consumer is presented 3 and 5 – door body. Bright Mitsubishi Eclipse GT can be found on the streets of our capital. Basic equipment (2.4-liter) with the ability to raise speep up to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds. It will cost $22,700 abroad.

affordable cars Mazda

Cheap but fast car Saturn Ion Red Line GT has the power of 260 “horses” and 2.3-liter engine – the main reasons for the popularity of the “hot” hatchback. Its price in the US is $22,900. In such a tempting offer responded to many motorists who arranges the possibility of acceleration to 100 km / h in just 6.1 seconds.

Pontiac G6 GTP

The high-speed car Pontiac G6 GTP can be presented in 3 modifications – a cabriolet, a sedan and a compartment. One of the best cheap fast cars is equipped with the V6 engine (volume of 3,9 liters) and 240 horsepowers. It is possible to disperse to 100 km/h by car worth 22,8 thousand dollars in 6,6 seconds. Admirers of a high-speed driving choose the most optimum option from 4 and 6 step AKP and 6 of high-speed “mechanics”.

top cheap cars Opel

On one platform with the previous model it is constructed also by Saturn Aura XR which is familiar to all with the name Opel Vectra. In America car showrooms for it ask 24,2 thousand dollars.

the cheapest sedans Nissan

One of the fast but affordable cars Racing Nissan Altima 3.5 SE has an excellent performance. For high-speed mode correspond to the following parameters: engine V6 (3,5 liters and capacity of 270 hp) and the ability to disperse up to 100 km / h in just 6.6 seconds. The cost of the large sedan is about $24.6 thousands.

top affordable cars toyota

Popular Toyota Camry V6 with the motor on 3,5 liters (268 h.p.) and 6-staged AKP in the USA will cost 24,5 thousand dollars while its price in our country far stepped for a 25-thousand barrier. One of the fastest and cheapest cars Camry V6 perfectly reflects an ideal ratio of cost, quality, equipment and power.

What is the fastest affordable car? Slightly more than 35 thousand dollars are cost by Impreza WRX STI which is characterized by faultless technical characteristics. She can brag of the turbocharged motor with a power of 224 h.p., thus disperse to 100 km. the car can in 6 seconds. An original exterior with stylishly issued interior – not all advantages of the car with an infinite set of titles.

The Best New Sedans under $20k

Annually world market of cars is filled up by new models. However our many compatriots at a choice of the vehicle act on the old – kindly to the Slavic principle “cheap but good”. We will list the most popular sedans with the budgetary cost.

Romanian car of Dacia Logan let know to buyers of Eastern Europe that the qualitative sedan absolutely not necessarily has to be expensive. Technical simplicity of the car is perfectly combined with its reliability and existence of all necessary options. Sedan cost makes a little more than 5 thousand dollars today. It is important to notice that in Romania the car can be bought with 3 types of cursors, namely petrol, diesel and LPG.
Daewoo Nexia – the worthy representative of the budgetary sedans. Its cost makes about 5,8 thousand dollars. The sedan is issued on one of the Uzbekistan plants of the Korean spare parts and is available only within the CIS countries.

In the Indian market Ford Classic it is positioned as the best offer for judges of comfort. The machine is manufactured on a platform morally and physically outdated Fiesta of 2001 of release. On a choice diesel and petrol cursors are offered motorists. The available car with excellent maneuverability will cost 6,2 thousand dollars.

The cost of Mexican “Peugeot” in 7 thousand dollars doesn’t stop inhabitants of South America where sales of this car are at steadily high level. The car subdued the owners an excellent driving in cross-country conditions and technical characteristics. The machine is manufactured according to the most progressive technologies and differs in quite unusual appearance.

The French sedan of Latitude is “a working horse” with excellent running characteristics. Its price makes 17 thousand dollars. It is possible to rank as characteristics of a sedan:

  • a high road gleam in 156 millimeters for free movement around the city and to off road terrain;
  • powerful engines 139 and 177 of h.p.;
  • 6-step AKP or variator of CVT.

Suspension bracket are responsible for a comfortable driving specially developed for the car.

Luxury Nissan Teana 2014 will cost for judges of a safe driving in especially comfortable conditions 19,3 thousand dollars. The business car can brag clearances in 150 mm. for a fast driving without risk of damage of integrity of a body. Suspension brackets in the car differ in softness therefore they will be able to support the car in a necessary framework on highways at high speeds. Teana is one of the only sedans which are unconfortable of feelings to all passengers is capable to disperse to the greatest possible speed without causing.

Thus, many car makers around the world develop sooner or later a special line of the budgetary cars which are calculated on a certain target audience. They try to combine technical and visual part harmoniously. The low-cost KIAs, Daewoo, Ford brands and other in certain parameters can make the worthy competition to more expensive models.

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