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“BMW i3 for the poor” will produced in China


In the near future a series of models Brilliance will be recruited with new crossover V3. The new car, which is not the same, but a good copy of electro car BMW i3, has been passed final tests before. However, as a reminder, the original i3 became a real bestseller in Europe.

The new car ‘Brilliance” positions itself as “Chinese BMW”, on the back of diplomatic relationship between Chinese and Bavarian: in 2003 was created joined venture, which is produced “bimmers” for China. But technical features of the models Brilliance have no relation to the German cars.


The new car BMW i3 is arranged in a very original way. An aluminum frame made of carbon fiber, so the creators managed to do without central pillar, exterior cladding – made of plastic. Traction 170 – horsepower electric motor is located above the rear axle leads, respectively, rear wheels, and are hidden underneath the battery.

Brilliance V3, of course, cannot boast such delights. This is a simple crossover with steel body and an internal combustion engine – a 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine. But the price will be 80 million Yuan (840 thousand) against 34,950 Euros (2.6 million rubles) for the original i3.

Interestingly, the Chinese media announced new car from Brilliance as hot novelty. This model is addressed to young people; get some original design refinements, such as inserts in the interior of the body color. However, to copy a fairly complex interior BMW i3 Chinese was not under force.


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