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European Car Companies: Names & Logos


What names of automobile European car manufacturers are the most popular? We want to tell you more about it and also show car companies’ logos of Europe.

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History of European Auto Brands

In the early 30s in Europe began to appear everywhere body studio, which manufactures exclusive models for the order to the factory platforms. More likely to have been used for this purpose chassis of Delahaye. Clearly tended to create a master faked aerodynamic bodies for these cars.

At the same time, some manufacturers have tried to build cars with a truly aerodynamic body. The most striking attempts – cars line brands Chrysler Airflow and De Soto’s release of 1934-1937 and emulate them, for example, Volvo PV 36 Carioca.

One of the most original and successful models of the period – Tatra T77, which was produced from 1936 to 1950. Characteristic features of the model – the back part of the body, which resembles the shape of the drop, panoramic windscreen, consisting of three parts, lights, recessed into the wings.

Iconic Volkswagen Beetle, which appeared in 1938, was built around the same scheme. However, Tattra 177 and Volkswagen Beetle were more successful in the automotive exceptions than rules.

The Second World War was a heavy blow to the automotive industry in Europe. Most European car companies have been forced to produce military equipment. After the war, many car factories were destroyed, and the industry had to be lifted from the ground.

By the 50 th year of the automotive industry in Europe is almost recovered from the effects of World War II. In the early fifties resumed car production major German manufacturers – Mercedes and BMW, but they managed to gain momentum until the end of the decade. Where to feel confident Opel brand and the European division of Ford. These companies received financial support from America and has already proven road “recipes”, both in terms of design and in terms of technology.

British car manufacturers – Rolls-Royce, Daimler, Vanden Plas – continued to address the issue of huge luxury models. Howeverб this British motor facing period were a greater degree of economy cars. In 1959, the model was born with the speaker called MINI, subsequently won huge popularity all over the world.

In the early 70s, most European car names were removed from the conveyor-outdated models, some of which were issued for 15-20 years. Technical progress in that time has gone far ahead, so instead of obsolete steel actively appear completely new modern models.

As a result, formed and new trends in the European automotive industry. Therefore, which were issued at the end of the previous decade, the model Fiat 1800 Volvo Amazon, Mercedes W111, which are of high body and a slight inclination of the windscreen, outdated – the design of European cars has become more dynamic.

The direction of the so-called “biodesign” (when the source of inspiration for the creators of cars are natural lines and shapes) originated in Europe in the 70s. In 1980, when came to the fore aerodynamics, work began on improving the aerodynamics of the body, in the next decade, this trend continued.

One of the largest European concerns – Volkswagen Group, which occupies fourth place in the world rankings in terms of production vehicles – 5.2 million vehicles a year, of which 4.9 – passenger. The concern includes Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini, Bugatti, the British company Rolls-Royce and Bentley, German Porsche AG, Audi, Spanish SEAT, Swedish Skoda, Scania and MAN.

In Germany, where the headquarters of the largest group, the economic situation is relatively stable. However, while car sales continue to decline – as of March 2013, they dropped by more than 17%.

Сharacteristic of the modern automobile market trend – a porosity of borders between the segments. More complex forms of body lead buyers puzzled – like, we have a hatchback, and thus it is called a sedan. This is how the interclass model – compact van built on a platform of hatchbacks, four-door coupe and off hatchbacks of small class – and this is just a small part of these “hybrids”.

List of the Most Popular European Car Manufacturers

Leader of European car industry is German car companies. All over the world, that car industry is held in respect – Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Opel. German automobile manufacturers are good with their accuracy, technological assembly work, safety engine, amenities, and good electronics. All these features make possible to exploit car for a long time without repair.

Not a penny the worse is Sweden car brands, which are different with its car with high quality – Saab, Volvo, Scania, high-speed cars Koenigsegg. Sweden car brands win recognition from their safety. In second half of XX century mainly Sweden car brand Volvo was installed three-point seat belt.

Great Britain is famous as manufacture of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jagyar, Aston Martin. British car brands draw an interest with their safety, high quality electronics and original design. Their production is technically, automobiles are equipped with car audio with perfect acoustics.

French car industry produces Renault, Peugeot and Citroen, Italian – Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lancia, Italian cars are different with their technological features, their sport high-speed models are popular with lover of comfort and speed.


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