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Ferrari: history, interesting facts and photo galleries

Ferrari is one of the most prestigious and most expensive cars in the world. It stands in one line with such giants of automobile industry as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley and Lamborghini. Producing country of brand Ferrari is Italy. The headquarters of this brand is situated in the Italian city Maranello. It is specialized on the producing sports super cars, which can be distinct in high characteristics of speed and capacity. Not everyone can afford to buy Ferrari. Only the man, who belongs to a selected circle of people can buy this expensive sports car. However the demand on this car is very high.

According to the figures from sales office for the last 7 years the company produced and actualized about 6500 sports type cars in a year. The specialists calculate the company’s money turnover and explore that average annual profit is about 2 billion euro. It was in 2012. Because of the world’s economic crisis the profit of the company became lower.

The model line of Ferrari

Ferrari models are super sports cars and racing cars. The salient feature of this brand is red color of all models. But sometimes can be an exception. Because of the rich red color Ferraris pictures always attracts attention. Practically all Ferrari models are red.

It can be 3 variants in sports models:

  • Two-doors coupe
  • Cabriolets
  • Roadsters

Coupe has one line of seats, hard roof and seats with maximum comfort for a driver and one passenger. Cabriolets and roadsters are the models with detached top. First model has hard roof when other model has soft roof. Racing models have one modification: it is closed top and two doors.

The earlier models of Ferrari

The company’s history started in twentieth in previous century. But first automobile was in thirtieth. The first model of Ferrari was Ferrari-125. In that time the model was powerful. It can also bring up to good speed.

In fiftieth the world could see the new model of Ferrari 375 America with engine 4, 5 liters. Also there was a producing  such model as 250 Europa, which has the engine 3 liters. From 1950 to 1954 the car brand produced 200 models of sports cars and 250 racing cars. The company started to become famous. The picture of Ferrari was very famous too.

In the end of fiftieth in 1959 people saw the new model 250GT California. It was a cabriolet. In that time it was the most expensive Ferrari. Also there were 14 exclusive models 410 Super America. They were produced for rich people in 1956. Then the producing of model 250GT California coupe started to become famous.  It was a coupe with 12-cylinder engine.

There was a model Dino in different packages in seventieth. At first they use 8-cylinder engine, but the package with 6-cylinder engine is better and classical for Ferrari Dino. It had 170-horsepower.

In the end of eightieth the creator of the company decided to take on leadership in engineering office to make something that can be better than all models. And after that model F-40 appears. The technical characteristics and picture of this Ferrari are amazing. It has 8-cylinder engine and 478-horsepower.

Earlier models of Ferrari on pictures

Interesting video about earlier models of Ferrari

 The modern models and pictures of Ferrari.

All the modern models produced traditionally. All sports cars are expensive and powerful and they all are red.

  • Ferrari F12berlinetta – the most expensive and available car. It costs 24 million roubles. It has 740-horsepower. The maximum of this car is 100 km in hour in 3,1 second. Also it has a big corrected car economy–15liters in100 km. The picture ofthiscarisverystunning.
  • The other modern model is Ferrari FF. This car is bright red and it looks very extraordinary. The price of this car is 21 400 000 roubles and it is cheaper than F12berlinetta. It has 670-horsepower and its maximum is 100 km in hour in 3, 7 second.
  • Ferrari 458 Spider – it is yellow cabriolet in sports modification. It is impossible not to notice this car on the road. This powerful super car has 570-horsepower and it costs more than 19 million roubles.

But all these models are nothing if we start to compare what will be in next 2 years. Judging by the photos, which were made in famous automobile showrooms the brand decided to exceed all expectations.

In 2015 in Geneva automobile showroom the model Ferrari Sergio was presented. It is interesting that people liked more outside appearance than that it has 670-horsepower. Automobile admirers payed their attention on black and yellow cabriolet with two doors. There is no information about the time of selling this car.

There was also a beautiful car in Parisian automobile. And again it was the quickest yellow and black super car Ferrari 458 Speciale. We know that powerful 607 roadster will be in 499 examples and the price of this car will be 300 000 euro

The modern models of Ferrari on photos

The modern models of Ferrari on video

The outstanding models of Ferrari

The most successful time for this automobile brand was in sixtieth. The company managed to produce cars that become a history in automobile industry.

  • One of the most famous models was modified in 250GTE with body 2+2.It became a famous sports car in sixtieth. On the basis of this car in 1964 was created the most famous 250 Gran Turismo Omologata. There were only39 models. The most successful and lucky people had these cars. The technical characteristic of this model is 300-horsepower and it has five speed transmission.
  • Berlinetta Lusso has a reputation of feminine model because of the elegant cage. In seventieth the company renewed this model and its appearance became severe.
  • Another car is Daytona Ferrari. It has 12-cylinder engine and 352-horsepower.

The photo galleries about most outstanding models of Ferrari

Nowadays the models are with good technical characteristics and with elegant appearance.

In 1929 Ferrari found a company, which produces racing cars and was a sponsor of the races. Only is 1947 году the company started to produce cars.

The company took part in races “Formula-1”, it was very successful participation. It is one of the most successful achievements of the company.

Nowadays 92% of stocks belongs to FIAT Group.