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Quant F will be shown in Geneva Motor Show 2015


Last year at the Geneva Motor Show had a debut electric sport car Quant E, a little-known Liechtenstein company nanoFlowcell. A year later, the same place in Geneva, they will present its modification – Quant F.


The car has received a new monocoque and a more spacious interior, as well as a number of other improvements. The total capacity of the four electric motors mounted in each wheel, now reaches 1,090 hp, which allows the machine to overcome 300 km/h. In addition, the car has received a new two-speed automatic transmission and the range increased from 600 to 800 kilometers. As befits a modern high-powered sports car, Quant F got an active rear spoiler, which is automatically activated after the speed exceeds 80 km/h.

The main feature Quant F is the production of electricity directly “on board” – by mixing the electrolyte with varying degrees of charge resulting from the chemical reaction is stored in super capacitors electricity, which in turn feed the motors. It is clear that such technology is not widely distributed due to their cost and complexity; even though they have, a number of advantages over conventional, electric cars are charged from the outlet.


For example, Quant F should not change overage expensive battery, and it is only necessary to change the electrolyte. However, nanoFlowcell does not seek to produce massive cars. The company plans to manufacture several dozen cars a year, and further refinement of its unique technologies. It is possible that future developments Liechtenstein company will be used in any of the areas of the automobile industry.


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