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German Car Manufacturers: Names & Logos of Automobile Companies


Germany car companies are different with their reference of excellence, security and popularity. The country is third (after China and Japan) of car manufacturers.

In 2016 the country’s automobile industry was produced over 10 million copies of German cars. Widely known the most popular brands BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi AG presented their production all over Europe, Asia, Near East and even USA.

German Automotive Industry 2016

Audi cars 2016

BMW cars 2016

Mercedes cars 2016

German dedication to details and punctuality, say the least of it, became visiting card of all nations and found its reflection in car industry – one of the most advanced and developed sector of production. Let’s consider the history of German auto brands from the beginning to modern times.

History of German Car Manufacturers

The history of German cars started from the period, when humanity only entered to new period and explosion motor was just an innovation of the century. In far 1886 Carl Benz rearranged serial production of automobiles with petrol engines. Then he couldn’t even know that his last name would be part of the popular automobile brand after over 100 years.

The most important period of Germany car industry development was 1916-1960 years, when on world market entered the main concerns: BMW, Volkswagen, Audi AG. Should be noticed that this manufacturing sector developed in a way of strengthening, small industries joined in big concerns, they cooperated and transformed. For example, german auto company Audi is the result of business merger between DKW, Horch, Audi and Wanderer.

The history of every German automobile manufacturer is a topic for another stories, as all business combinations and acquisitions are always full of political intrigue, cheating, removal partners and colleagues from the leadership. German car industry is no exception, all the major corporations were formed as a result of the struggle for power and influence market region.

The Second World War was a serious test for all manufacturers of auto, as many corporations had to work on the German war machine and earned income by producing engines for German tanks and planes, the production of which was banned after the defeat of Germany.

However, resource managers, ingenuity, as well as consistent quality of manufactured products helped companies to find “pre-war” former and increase its power. The secret of success of the cars G erman made is in a bold introduction of innovations, as well as strict quality control. Another important detail is the concentration of production in Germany: “white assembly” is always a feature of the original German.

Logos and History of the Most Popular German Auto Brands

audiAudi AG – one of the largest automotive companies in the world. In turn, the group belongs to Volkswagen AG, which ranks second on the list of the leading car manufacturers of the world. Of course, the main specialization of corporation – cars – deserves special attention. That German car brand with more than a century of history largely positioned itself as a manufacturer of machine representation and business classes, which differ in cutting-edge design and high-end appliances inside. Lineup of Germany autos presented the ruler of sedans business segment A6, A8 Series executive car, crossover Q5 and Q7, as well as racing and sports car Audi R8 and TT.

bmwBMW AG – popular Germany car brand of autos, motor-cycles, engines and bicycles. Together with high quality BMW AG production distinguishes the original design, which is responsible for the development of the chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk. In fact, the history of Bayerische Motorenwerke AG (sounds so full name) has more than 90 years. First of all the factories owned by the company, was launched production of motorcycles and bicycles, and later automobile engines and the cars themselves. Since 2001, the company is engaged in the development of BMW AG subsidiary MINI and is the owner of the trademark Rolls-Royce.

mercedes benz Mercedes-Benz is German car brand, which is specializing in creation of cars and engines, founded in 1926. He is currently a wholly owned subsidiary “Daimler-Benz”. Mercedes Jellinek was the daughter of a wealthy Austrian businessman, who had a passion for cars. This brand stands for quality and prestige. Neither car brand in the world cannot compare to Mercedes-Benz’s prestige image. Although, there are cars more expensive and even more prestigious.

miniMINI – auto brand, specializing in the production of the legendary and very small cars and car pastors, produces more than 40 years without any changes. Today Mini and its very popular model produced under the auspices of Cooper BMW.

opelOpel – German car industry in the group “General Motors”, that manufactures passenger cars, vans, and minivans. Today, Adam Opel AG is the largest subsidiary of General Motors in Europe. In the factories of the company are 5 thousand. Man. Opel continues to keep the tradition and produces cars to suit all tastes, from sports Tigra and Astra to a representative and comfortable Signum. Porsche – German auto brand, which is producing primarily sports cars and luxury cars. Head office quartered in Stuttgart. Now the company is in the process of growth and prosperity, and produces technically flawless and fast cars for true connoisseurs.

SmartSmart – brand of miniature cars, owned by the German company Daimler-Benz. At the root of the creation of a minicar worth Swiss watchmaker SMH, known all over the world, thanks to the brand Swatch. She originated the idea and concept. But on their own to realize the project the Swiss could not, so we decided to turn to the giants of the German automotive industry. Initially, negotiations were conducted with Volkswagen. But to no avail. As a result, became a partner of Swatch Daimler-Benz. So there was a joint venture of Micro Compact Car AG (MMC). By the time the Germans themselves toyed with the idea of a miniature car, so the arrival of the Swiss was very helpful.

volkswagenVolkswagen – one of German car names, which manufacture cars, trucks, vans. Now the concern Volkswagen – one of the largest in terms of sales in the world, has its own factories in 15 countries, manufactures products under five brands Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT. Since 1998, the Group owned brand “Rolls-Royce”. Except passenger car, the plant also carries out production of trucks, vans. The composition of the Volkswagen Group include: Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, «SEAT SA”, “Skoda”, “Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH”.


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