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The greatest PORSCHE CAYMAN is going to make his debute in Los Angeles 2015


The Porsche company told us about the very first premiere, which was going to be held in November in North America. There is no doubt that one of the stars of the Porsche`s stand will be the harshest Cayman in the history of this model – Track`s modification known as GT4 Clubsport.

And what is really interesting is that the race-car “Cayman” is going to have the same engine as the road version of GT4- 385 – powerful 3.8 liter engine with a locking rear differentials. However, the manual transmission in a track coupe will be changed robotic transmission with shift paddles. Besides, the novelty will survive a range of activities to facilitate and improve manageability. Besides all that a new model will have a lot of changes in order to facilitate the control system of it.

So we are expecting that the car-coupe will lose about 90 pounds after the advent of Clubsport Accessory. Instead of it the sports car will have lighter front suspension with some elements from the older model 911 GT3 Cup, 380 mm diameter automatic brakes, a safety cage racing bucket seats and racing seat belt 6 point harness.

The debut of this model is scheduled for November 18, 2015 in Los Angelas auto show and at the same time they are going to start to take orders. And only then the company PORSCHE promises to reveal some hidden characteristics of this sport car. This sportcar is expected to be a hit among motorsport teams and clubs. Besides all that Porsche is going to put this new model sport car for a 2016 seasone race in GT3 category. As it became well known the car is going to be shown in LA auto show 2015


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