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Japanese Car Manufacturers: Logos & Names of Automobile Companies


Deserved popularity and recognition, which enjoys Japanese auto industry, was through not always. Wanna know about development of popular Japanese car companies?

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Historical facts about Japanese car companies

Till Second World War Japan even had no big automobile industry, whereas were attempts to produce their own cars in 10-20th in XX century. There were some single copies, but all the same it did not come to mass production.

Japan has not still become a country, where a car would be a means of transportation, not just a luxury. In 1924, park cars in Japan totaled 17.9 thousand units. At the same time, the country registered 105 thousand rickshaws, 3.7 million bicycles and 374 thousand wagons, pulled by oxen or horses. They are almost completely satisfied not so great needs of the economy and population.

The situation did not change much in 20 years. There was no need for cars among Japanese population. The purchasing power of the population was quite low. In Japan have not yet formed an internal market for passenger cars this time. Another thing – trucks, which an increasing army was presenting more demand on. In 1941, Japan produced 46,706 vehicles, including all 1065 cars.

In the middle of 1930th there was passed the law, whereunder all industries, including car, became under Japan. These changes forced to leave all big investors and in the wake of it production was stopped.

Korean boom led to a rapid increase in demand for private cars. Their production in 1951 amounted to 3.6 thousand cars, doubled compared to 1950. In the automotive industry has come the rise of Japan. From 1952-1953, there was marked a turn to increased creation of cars. However, to establish mass production of cars was not easy. “Toyota”, “Nissan” and “Nihon Jidosha Kogyo” mastered the production of passenger cars in 1948, but the product quality was poor.

In the second half of the 50th with the rapid growth of the Japanese economy grew rapidly and production of passenger cars. So by 70th Japanese car manufacturers have developed as a fully competitive industry not only in domestic, but also foreign markets.

Many Japanese auto brands have no long history, but today these autos are very popular all around the world. Japanese auto brands, such as Toyota, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Mitsuoka, Subaru, Yamaha, regularly take part in five the biggest auto exhibitions: Detroit, Tokyo, Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris. Japanese engineers time to time surprise their cars fans with something new and inimitable.

Japanese assiduity is a secret of high quality of their car companies. They take into account all details for supreme comfort and safety both driver and passenger.

Japanese Car Logos and Names of Auto Brands

AcuraAcura is the part of famous concern Honda. That car manufacture specializes in production of prestigious and sport cars. Acura became first Japanese premium-brand, which equally compete with European car manufactures in USA market. The main advantages of that Japanese car brand are innovative engineers’ workings, which presented high level of quality and technical equipment. Car product range consists of both high-priced cars of Honda (RL – Legend, TSX – Accord) and model, which don’t have European prototypes (TL, RDX, MDX).

daihatsuThe Japanese company Daihatsu appeared in 1907 . Initially, the company had a name Hatsudoki Seizo Co. Ltd and only in 1951 was named the brand Daihatsu Cogyo. In 1967, Daihatsu is a part of Toyota, and in 1974 was renamed Daihatsu Cogyo Daihatsu Motor Company. At present, Daihatsu is a subsidiary of the company Toyota.

Daihatsu Company specializes in the production of compact models with different body styles.

HondaHonda – international industrial company known primarily as a car manufacturer, also engaged in production of planes, motorcycles, scooters, electric generators, robots, marine engines, lawn mowers. In the future it is planned to produce bio-fuel (ethanol), photovoltaic cells.

Now “Honda” own 119 companies in 33 countries. Honda ranks first in the world to sell motorcycles, and car sales in the segment among the top ten world leaders. In addition, the “Honda” remains one of the few independent manufacturers of cars, abandoning the common trend of mergers.

infinitiThe Japanese company Infiniti appeared in 1989. Mark is the luxury division of Nissan. Infiniti has been designed specifically for the US market. Brand name resonates with the English word infinite.

The basis of the Infiniti lineup constitutes dynamic sedans and crossovers.

lexusLexus – Japanese automobile company, specializing in the production of passenger cars, is a division of Toyota Motors Corporation.

The company specializes in producing high-quality vehicles, primarily for the US market. Lexus cars are combined in equal measure style, comfort and quality. Thanks to the quality work of the engine and transmission and improve the mechanism for the suspension Lexus models differ excellent handling and smooth ride.

mazdaMazda – Japanese car brand, which specialize on creation lorries, autobuses, microbuses and passengers cars. The company is a part of financial and industrial group “Sumitomo”.

Mitsubishi is one of the biggest Japanese corporations, which specialize on production of passenger cars.

nissanNissan Motors – Japanese auto industry, which produce passenger cars, trucks and buses with mark of Nissan and Datsun. In premium segment this corporation sells automobiles Infiniti. Also the company works on creating sport boats, communication satellite etc.

In 1998 Nissan Motor was united with Renault.

SubaruSubaru – Japanese car brand, which create passenger cars and lorries. It also takes part in production of aircraft engineering and creates industry equipment. A hallmark of Subaru cars is opposed reciprocating engine with camber of barrel 180.

suzukiSuzuki – Japanese company, which specialize in the production of small and compact cars terrain, as well as sports products. By 2001, one-third owned concern “General Motors”.

toyotaToyota – the largest Japanese car manufacturer, selling 6.7 million annually models of passenger cars, trucks and buses under the brands Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Daihatsu and Hino. In addition, the “Toyota” and engaged in other businesses, and provides financial services and one of the ten largest corporations in the world.


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