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Lada Vesta Overview

Lada Vesta

AutoVAZ has been losing its popularity not only on foreign markets but within the county as well and currently the factory has made improving its image number one priority. Has it approached the goal after launching Lada Vesta? To answer this question we’ll have to take a closer look at this model.

A bit of history

Lada Vesta car was designed to replace Lada Priora, which was about to go out of production and still hasn’t been discontinued yet. Now the two models exist alongside with Lada Vesta being a more modern version of Priora. The development of the new model cost the factory about 6 billion roubles and instead of estimated retail price of 400 thousand roubles Bo Andersson decided to increase it to 500-600 thousand roubles. Surprisingly this fact didn’t discourage people from making a purchase and the car – first sedan and then hatchback too – received generally warm welcoming. Partially because of its looks, but mostly due to being good value for money specs-wise.


Lada Vesta-1

Lada Vesta was developed on base on Lada B platform which is widely known and a few details were used from Lada C platform concept, which hasn’t been released yet. Lada Vesta looks similar to Lada XRay and Lada XRay Cross Concept with distinct side molding in the shape of letter X. This design solution was criticized by most critics who thought it spoiled the looks and was over the top, but regular consumers took to it straightaway and thought otherwise.

The car features new suspension, which was designed specifically for this model: it has new steering knuckles and L-shaped arms. The steering system was borrowed from Renault Megane and steering wheel adjustment in 3 dimensions will be available for all configurations. Renault-Nissan alliance also contributed to the model by providing brakes and radiator construction. And frankly speaking their assistance definitely helped Lada Vesta model become not only good looking but reliable too.

Lada Vesta is produced in 3 engine variations:

  • 87 hp with displacement volume of 1.6 liter
  • 106hp with displacement volume of 1.6 liter
  • 114hp with displacement volume of 1.6 liter (Nissan engine)

You can also choose from 3 types of transmission: classical 5-level mechanical, automatic or continuously variable gear box.Such abundance of variations shows great progress in contrast with what Lada had to offer before.

Lada Vesta Cross 4X4

Lada Vesta Cross 4X4

Lada Vesta Cross is going to be rather a vagon than an off-road vehicle, this is why it will be front-drive. At the moment it’s hard to say whether Lada Vesta Cross 4X4 will be launched or not, but anyway a full-drive vehicle’s gonna cost more which might influence sales rates. The full-drive modification will definitely not be launched before the front-drive one, so until 2018 it’ll be hard to say for sure if this model will ever be available.

Lada Vesta body modifications

The sedan modification appeared on the production line in 2015 and in 2017 Vesta Cross, which is a front-drive vagon, is going to joint its predecessor.

About this time a regular Lada Vestavagon is about to appear: the line will be launched in spring-summer 2017.

There’s information that in the beginning of 2018 a hatchback modification might be introduced but those are only rumors and the situation is not clear yet.

AutoVAZ is also planning to produce a longer Vesta version Lada Vesta Signature, but because of higher price it might be only produced in small batches.

Another modification which might make it to the market in 2017 is Lada Vesta Sport, which will probably become the most powerful of civil Lada vehicles. Yet there’re few details on its specs as well as the price.

Here you can check out the official promo video of Lada Vesta and Lada XRay concept cars.

Lada Vesta production is supported by advertising campaign and is often seen in the media. AutoVAZ wants to show that Lada Vesta Cross 2016 is a live proof of the factory having gone through dramatic modernization and that Vesta family has potential, which was worth investing money and time in. They want people to see that preliminary works, which took lots of resources, and the new line start delays were actually worth it.

Off-road style Vesta has 320 unique parts designed specifically for the new model. The front part is pretty much the same as with Vesta sedan, but it can boast bigger clearance and protective moldings which also add to the style of the car. All in all, Lada Vesta Cross doen’t fall behind with the latest trends and, what is more important, standards, and is able to meet even picky custumers’ requirements despite being a front-drive vehicle. If the full-drive version appears later – which hasn’t been confirmed yet would only – it will only mean that the factory if following the right direction


2017 Vesta Cross

Lada Vesta sedan has successfully passed the ARCAP crash test and got the highest result of 4 stars and 14.1 score. The configuration which took part in this trial was Lada Vesta comfort and it had to crash into the barrier at 64 km/h. The results have shown that Lada Vesta can be considered one of the safest cars of Russian manufacturing. The cabin frame almost wasn’t deformed and the door frames were only slightly affected. The steering wheel and the pedals remained in their places with minor shift. Front airbags with pre-tensioners succeeded in protecting the driver and the passenger. And this is just the basic configuration of the car.

At the crash test it was noted that Vesta was designed wisely construction wise and that it is indeed a car of much better quality than the previous models. Bo Andersson – AutoVAZ CEO – added that after 150 virtual and 30 real life crash tests they finally managed to design a cat which can meet international safety standards 100%.


Can Lada Vesta help AutoVAZ finally forget about the streak of controversial models it has been manufacturing for decades? Let’snotjudgetoosoon. Ontheonehandit has a variety of engine and transmission options, better specs, looks and safety system. But on the other hand the price set for the car is not much less than for some imported rival which might affect the demand.


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