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Lamborghini refused to develop an inexpensive sports car


Lamborghini rejected the idea to develop a budget sports car. As the CEO Stephan Winkelmann edition Car and Driver, the model number is not planned appearance of the car, who held notch below Huracan.

According to the top manager, the company has no plans to act in the segment of supercars that cost less than $ 200 000. At the same time, according to Winkelmann, Lamborghini is going to develop cheaper versions of existing cars.

In addition Winkelmann said that the company abandoned the idea of ​​mass-produced version of the crossover Urus. Earlier novelty planned to gather at the production site Volkswagen Group in Slovakia. The car would be built on a modified platform MLB, which also forms the basis of the new Porsche Cayenne.

The concept of a hybrid supercar Lamborghini Asterion doesn’t go in the series. According to a top manager, the prototype only serves to “demonstrate the technology company.” Recall up to the first “hundred” concept can accelerate for 3 seconds. Its top speed – 320 miles per hour. The electric sports car is able to travel up to 50 km in a quiet mode. Measured average consumption of petrol – 4.12 liters per 100 kilometers.


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