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McLaren 570S was introduced in New York Motor Show 2015


The British company McLaren in recent years on the rise – selling series of sports cars generate revenue, and in Formula 1 things go bad. However, has long said that McLaren full of happiness is not enough “cheap” car. And here at the Auto Show in New York, the British have shown such a car – she received index 570S.
The numbers 570 mean that the car will receive a 570 “horses” – they will produce a 3.8-liter gasoline engine with Twin Turbo. In addition, on the basis of this model, the English can create a whole range of different sports cars, including four seats. And indeed the McLaren grand plans – they want to do every year on the new model! And so for decades. But if the 650S is designed primarily for use on the track, the 570S – it’s more comfortable model. Which can be used at least every day, because there is already a very comfortable leather chairs, a large 7-inch screen in the center panel, the climate system and even “music”.
And everything goes to the fact that this model will be the most popular with the British company. At the very least, its price is going to be a very democratic for the world of supercars – in England for the 570S will be asked to 143.5 thousand pounds, and the main competitor to this model would be the Porsche 911 Turbo S, which has 560 “horses”.


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