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A Mercedes model GT3 will be presented in Geneva Motor Show 2015


The first official photo of Mercedes-AMG GT3, which will have a debut in Geneva Motor Show, has appeared in Network. A new racing car is second highway-racing model, which withdrawn from Affalterbach units after SLS GT3, presented in 2010.

A new Mercedes car will be designed to compete with the Porsche 911 GT3, but it will not reach any of that name and the name of Black Series.


The director of AMG did not say when it would be available a new track-road car, but confirmed that the FIA GT3 racing version would hit the market in 2016 to take place of the successful SLS GT3. Accordingly, the constructors are trying to reduce the weight of 80-100 kg, it is impossible to perform without the use of new materials. According to Mersa, there will be used more carbon, as in the models Black Series.

It is not known, how much will be added in capacity twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, but is believed it will be in the range of 550 hp, which promises a power to weight ratio as 369 hp per ton.

Maximum speed is unlikely to increase, for Merce aims to increase downforce even at the expense of additional resistance. By the way, for the first time in the history of AMG, working on this section of aerodynamics in its entirety.



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