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Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG was turned into an armored limousine


The German company Alpha Armouring showed its new development – elongated and armored SUV Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, received a proper name – Alpha Phoenix.

The main feature of this car is lengthy to 45 cm body, luxurious finishes back and booking. Alpha Armouring engineers themselves jokingly called machine “Maybach for hot spots”. And the joke is very much truth.

45-cm insertion allowed to make transparent rear, passenger compartment, where the VIP-persons, for which there are two individual seats, will feel very comfortable. From the driver’s compartment separates them playing the role of partitions 34-inch monitor, which can display an image with the four-sky cameras that use video conferencing or as a normal TV.


There is also a rear passenger’s refrigerator, premium sound system, two intercoms, one of which is used for communication with the driver and the other to communicate with the outside world, if for some reason or other passengers do not want to leave the car. All functions are controlled with the iPad, including include the siren in case of danger and transfer mode lights flashing lights.

The rear compartment has its own system of ventilation and air conditioning and, of course, is decorated on the highest level – and expensive varieties of leather inlays of precious wood. Among other features worth noting the enhanced braking system and suspension, that it is worth quite as well as the weight of the car up to 4500 kg, and the fire-extinguishing system of the engine.

There is considered the base version with a 5.5-liter eight-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 544 hp (760 N ∙ m), but, on request, the operation on the reservation and a lengthening of the machine can be done with the Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG, and then under the hood will be a six-liter, twelve-engine with twin-turbo, 612 hp power (1000 N ∙ m). On receipt of the order and the customer to obtain the machine will take six to eight months, depending on the wishes of the other, the cost of basic modification – a little more than one million euros. If the client does not need armor and bulletproof glass, the cost will be around 800,000 euros.


Due to the tense situation in the world, Alpha Armouring without orders, and not sitting in a year produces about 80 armored vehicles, whose number now and join the Alpha Phoenix, which is uniquely interested potential buyers. After all, their own security is more expensive any money.


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