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Mercedes R-Class will have successor


One of the newest models Daimler AG – crossover Mercedes-Benz R-Class, in recent times will retire, but beyond expectations, its history does not end.

Appeared in 2005, new crossover Mercedes-Benz R-Class was not taken for full crossover, but just as a wagon with cross-country capability and direct competitor of Audi A6 Allroad. Some automobile journalists even ranged in a class of minivans, but representatives of Mercedes-Benz Company patiently numbered it among crossovers and also they agreed that car was turned out a little bit “alternative”. That fact negatively impacted on its sales.

In 2013 Mercedes-Benz R-Class was removed from world markets because of small sales, but there was still good demand in China. This year production of this crossover was moved from work Daimler AG in Alabama to work of company AM General, where has continues car assembly overriding for Chinese market, where every year realizes from 12000 to 14000 Mercedes-Benz R-Class. And granted in Greater China prices for crossover are from 91 600 dollars.

In spite of good sales in China, sooner or later a car should retire, although this niche is not of great interest to Daimler AG, however, Germans are not going to leave it and give competitors. Vice-president of Mercedes-Benz Wolf-Deiter Kurz expressed vague, but made it clear that due to the growing popularity of SUVs in the world is not ruled out the emergence of a successor to Mercedes-Benz R-Class. “A car of such class will allow to expand range of SUVs’ models, the more especially that this segment shows steady growth last years”, Kurz said.

“A creation of this automobile are not difficult process, especially using available platforms. But I cannot still say, what it will either developed crossover or off-road wagon like Audi A6 Allroad. In any case the project will have good perspectives”.


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