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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016: new generation car already this summer


Next generation of midsize crossover are prepared for presentation

According to spy photos, new Pajero Sport will not remind its co-platform wagon L200: on those elements that are discernible from the camouflage, we can confidently say that the front SUV will be carried out in an X-shaped style, which has already managed to try the updated Outlander.

Also, it should be noted visually more hard stern and raised sidewall – apparently, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will try to get rid of the image of “off-road vehicle on the chassis of a pickup,” creating an image of a solid car. Especially, that soon “the younger Pajero” get serious competitor in the face of the new Toyota Fortuner, established on the basis of a pickup Hilux.

2016 Mitsubishi Pajero

It is known that one and only engine will be absolutely new 2,4-liters turbo-diesel with power of 181 hp: with aluminum block, balance wheel shaft, phase inverter inlet distributor and turbine with changeable geometry. With such an engine, possibly, will be able either new 6-level mechanic transmission or 5-range automatic transmission.

Also for a new Pajero Sport are promised advanced multimedia system, which will allow to connect Smartphones on base of Android or Apple to display all the information on the touch screen display board. Other features of new items have not been known yet.


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