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New Audi A3: hatchback, coupe, crossover, minivan


Germany car manufacturer get ready to turn Audi A3 to whole family of new compact cars

Audi Company will make from model A3 range of new cars. Besides habitual hatchback, car manufacturer will make coupe, crossover and even minivan.

The beginning of global update will be ushed in moment of presentation of new Audi A3 in 2018. And with the change of generation at the A3 will be only four-door version. What happens to the three-door hatchback? He will be replaced by a new coupe, which might be called the Audi TTC. It is expected that such a car would remotely resemble the Volkswagen Scirocco and will receive a total A3 line engines, the most powerful of which will be in the 300-strong petrol unit. But this will not happen before 2021.

Another model in the new family of Audi A3 will be a crossover. Its key features can be called now – increased ground clearance, Bedliner, and all-wheel drive quattro. But when there will be such a car and how it will look, is hard to say. (Here you can see only the images created by the artist edition on your computer).

What about the minivan? At first glance, this body type does not fit with the concept Audi A3. However, in Ingolstadt think differently and have ready in 2019 to bring a car to market. The main competitor of the new seven-seat Audi A3 should be 2 BMW Gran Tourer, and the main market – China. It is a pity that any technical details about the upcoming new product so far kept in secret.


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