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Audi R8 2015 will be presented in Geneva Motor Show



The main Audi cars at the Geneva Motor Show will be the second-generation R8 supercar. Germans have high hopes for the new Audi R8, because the first-generation model, which was shown in 2007, was very successful, and the demand for it exceeded the boldest predictions.

Talking about the technical features R8 is still too early – in Audi Company refused to reveal the secrets before the premiere. But there is speculation that the Audi R8 won’t be just a supercar, but a hybrid supercar, which will be equipped with not only a gasoline engine, an electric motor and batteries. The last will store energy and it can be wasted either while driving in the “green” mode on clean zones or during hard acceleration. novuiu_audi_r8_pokazali_na_stende_mmas.500x500 Even the petrol V8 and V10 will be interesting. Presumably 4,2 – liter V8 will produce 450 hp., 5.2 – liter V10 has 570 hp. And with fuel consumption there will be all right – motors function get off half the cylinders while driving in easygoing mode.


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