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New BMW car: only 0.4 liters of propellant for “hundred”


Germany car manufacturer announced plans for producing new super-economical car

The BMW Group has announced plans to release a prototype of a new ultra-low car. Concept car will be shown at a special event in Munich.

According to the portal Bimmertoday, the new car will be a concept that is not designed for mass production. It is only about the car, which will demonstrate the technical feasibility producer.

However, in this form the promise BMW sound over ambitious. In particular, the new car will be a hybrid, fuel consumption which will be only 0.4 liters per 100 kilometers, and the drag coefficient – 0.18. These results will be achieved, including through the extensive use of carbon fiber in the construction. The vehicle will be designed for four people, get the boot volume of 350 liters and will be able to accelerate to 180 km / h top speed.

The Bavarian manufacturer notes that, despite the fact that it is a prototype, the car will be certified for movement on public roads, and “the individual components and elements of the” new concept might appear on future models of the brand.

Further technical details about the new product were not disclosed. The date of the presentation of ultra-BMW is also not known.


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