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A new generation of “heels” Volkswagen: classy interior and engine 1.0


Poznan, city of Poland, was hosting a premiere of a new generation delivery van Caddy.


From the new Volkswagen Caddy transporters was waited more: it was expected that after the other models of the brand retail delivery van will try Volkswagen platform MQB. This ensured that the car will receive an even greater number of performances and it will be easier (payload increase), and for the commercial handling “heel” approach to conventional cars.

That did not happen. The so-called fourth generation Volkswagen Caddy in fact turned out to upgrade the machine sample of 2004.


The body structure has remained the same, but because the new optics, the back door and front end design is not much changed the face of “caddy”. Although a novice in front now resembles the latest models of the brand, so that the main goal is to bring into line the exterior of the new corporate style – certainly fulfilled.

Volkswagen engineers have reported that petrol engines in terms of efficiency is no longer inferior to diesel, and a major star (at least, for the European market), will be the 1.0-liter 3-cylinder power plant returns 102 hp. Although diesels downsizing not touched – they will remain a 2.0-liter capacity from 75 to 150 hp. It will be saved versions with gas fuel.


European drivers will be greeted Caddy 4 warmly. And they are not alone: traditionally very wide range of performances – it can be a family minivan, mobile office etc. While privateers should attract serious redesigned interior that the competition pleasantly surprised by the quality and level of development. However, we will tell about separately.


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