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BMW I-series will appear in 2018


A BMW concern, according to messages of network sources, has been projecting a new hybrid car I-series, which powerplant will combine electric motors and combustion engine.


On present showing, a new car will be shown under name of i5 or i7. It will receive 4-cylinder turbo engine, which will give 245 hp of capacity. Petrol aggregate will be complement with electric motors 204 and 95 hp, revolving consequently fore and back wheels.

A driver will be able to change three driving experience: electric front drive, electric rear wheel drive and hybrid all-wheel drive. Dynamics have not been disclosed yet.

It is known that a new car could travel distance over 130 m. in electric traction. Although, it won’t be able to take run in electric mode – in speed of 65 km/h will automatically contribute petrol aggregate.


It has been also noticed, that during projecting a body of new car, for base will be taken long base modification of sedan 5-Series. That is necessary for rechargeable battery pack set-up.

In world market a new car will appear in 2018.


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