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New Mitsubishi Lancer: after all it will be appeared


Just in March 2015 Mitsubishi Motors announced refusal of such kind of sedans and gave preference to exclusively crossovers and SUVs, but it is turned out that it does not quadrate to facts. That fact was belied by vice-premier of North-American department of Mitsubishi Motors Don Swearingen.

Don Swearingen also said that work under new Mitsubishi Lancer has already started. Earlier Mitsubishi Lancer XI was planned to create with basis of one of the alliance Renault-Nissan platforms, but then the negotiations reached a stalemate. At that Swearingen said that Mitsubishi are still searching for partner for together working out a new platform for Lancer, but cannot wait, so they were forced to make it themselves.

Also he underlined that if a partner will be found before the end of 2015, Mitsubishi Lancer of XI generation will appear not earlier than in 18 months. Otherwise, Mitsubishi X incomer should be waited not earlier than in 2018. Today, 10 generation of Mitsubishi Lancer has been still produced since February 2007, but its sale has been fallen from year to year.


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