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New Volkswagen Transporter turned out to be not so new


In Amsterdam was presented Volkswagen Transporter of T6 series

71967f5de703cb5b80fdbf8ea6370368Alas, the new Volkswagen Transporter, now in its sixth generation, almost unchanged compared with the current series of T5, which is available since 2003. While seeing the exhibition in Hanover concept Tristar, we hoped that the update would be deeper … And restyling (this is restyled, but not a complete change of generations) has changed the design of a front end and lightly touched the back.

b2fdf2b6013c0a4166d3a666cd1e81d5But the front panel in the cockpit of an entirely new, although reminiscent of the old. Traditionally, Germans tried maximum to accommodate storage compartments, cup holders and a pair of 12-volt outlets. At the same time the richest versions boast refrigerated compartment for drinks and a large display multimedia system.


As part of the mechanics – is nothing new. The main engine will be a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel capacity from 84 to 204 hp, which in Europe dubbed the Euro-6 standards. The only thing unusual decision – it is registered suspension, allows to change resistance shock (and, consequently, the nature of the suspension) button.

During the presentation, the greatest attention was paid to the fact that engineers are “planted” business model, the mass of the equipment taken from the car “Volkswagen”. This heated windscreen and electric rear door, and parking is also available autopilot … adaptive cruise control with automatic braking before the obstacle.

cfaf06ee37396ab2d3dfbb81b8756a95The entire line versions (vans, flatbed trucks, vans, etc..) – and that hundreds of options, of course, continue. While interesting “chip” will be able to order “retro-livery” – a two-tone color, which sported the first “conveyors”, which appeared 65 years ago.

What else surprised T6? And why are the Germans with enviable persistence continues to update the car 12-year-old, not daring to radical generational change?


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