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New York Motor Show 2016: Mazda MX-5 got new version


In the run-up to New York Motor Show the Mazda Company has declassified new modification of the compact roadster with the name of MX-5 RF.


In a radical departure from the standard MX-5 version, a novelty had a folding rigid top with a rear screen (normally a standard roadster is equipped with fabric top), and also a body like “fastback” with the lines of rear quarter pillars and a baggage hold, which are smoothly “overflowing” into each other.

A new “Mazda” has a top, which is supplied with electric drive and is able to fold/install on the move, in speed up to 10 km/h. Being folded, a top turns out to become very compact and, according to Japanese producer’s statement, takes in baggage hold as much places as soft top.

The European MX-5 RF version will get gasoline engines of Skyactiv-G family of 1.5 liter (131 hp.) and 2.0 liter (160 hp.). Both engines are unitized either with the 6-staged mechanical gearbox, or with 6-staged “automatic machine”. For standard MX-5 only “mechanics” is provided.

The other one special feature is color of a body called Machine Grey, what create an illusion that a car body is made of an integral piece of steel. The effect is reached due to use of special technology of Takuminuri painting.


The basis of it is use of three layers of a paint coating: color, reflecting and transparent. The reflecting layer is very thin and also contains bright aluminum particles which decrease in the course of drying to one quarter of thickness of the majority of the reflecting layers. Particles are located horizontally with an identical interval. Thanks to that the effect of saturated metal color is created.

In addition to new MX-5 RF Machine Grey color will become available also to other Mazda models, in particular – to the CX-9 crossover.

In Europe sales of new Mazda MX-5 RF will begin in 2017.


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