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Audi Company appeared in the beginning of 20th century. During more than century history, the brand was different for its attempts to embody all the best in their cars. In that way, in 1924 the company presented a new car with left-hand steering. Since that, things are up and running… In 2016 the company has been planned to create first car with laser headlights and in addition to that - modern engine. Possibility to turn on laser lights appear only after that car is under speed of 60 km/h. Such car can move at a rate of 320 km/h! This is one of the most inexpensive models. Thrifty version “Audi” – a new car A3 ultra has petrol engine with capacity over 1,5 liters. In the same time, engine power is over 150 hp. For driving a hundred kilometers, a driver should fuel his car only with four liters of petrol! At the end of the year in world routes will appear new Audi car – supercars with photodiode optics. A crossover Audi SQ7 is expected in the end of the year. New Audi cars 2016-2017 will be accommodating the most comfortable engine and capacity of 385 (!)  hp. For four seconds a new car will be able to take run to 100 km/h. Its maximum speed will be 280 km/h. At the same time, the company in Germany has been working new generation of Audi. Not so far it was noticed during testing. But there is no information about it.