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The history of the brand starts from times of WWI, when was driving up demand on airplanes’ engines. Owners of two little air-engine companies by joining forces created a factory with simple name – Bavarian Motor Works, for short BMW. That event took place on 20 of July 1917. A logo trademark of the company symbolize circulatory propeller. Thereafter was appeared renew variant in shape of circle with four sectors. After the end of the war the company had to retool without delay and in the beginning of 20s the firm started to produce motorcycles. For a short time this transport facilities was known the most fast and qualitative. In the end of 20s the company took up a license for output midget cars and in the beginning of 60s a new compact sport car BMW was produced and therewith won popularity. For the moment in sphere of automobile production the company holds leading positions in world market. The BMW has under 27 factories all over the world and thousands employees/the cars is considered to be benchmark of quality and amenities. Big steel headlights (either front or tail) made new BMW X5 more solid and less sportive unlike BMW X6, which firstly had store for lovers of dynamics. The new car has seven seats and luggage boot is more commodious unlike in other models. One more new BMW car, which is ready to conquer hearts and imagination of number of BMW fans, is BMW X6. It is represented second generation of Bavarian cross-coupe. In general, the company differs from others with soft approach to every change in design of their automobiles. Body contour in new car stays without a lot of changes. Only details have changed. Novelty looks more modern and dynamic because of increase in dimensions. BMW new cars 2016-2017 can be recognized by famous radiator’s “nostril” and X-shaped bumper (that form is in mode today). Together with steel highlights, new form looks fairy impressed. Thanks to high speed (up to 295km/h) and capacity 590 hp, the model will find place of leading positions in world market.