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Japanese automobiles are famous for their fullness of electronics, eastern body design and special way of saloon filing. One of the most popular car manufacturers in Japan is Mitsubishi. The company was created in 1970, that was also when was worked out an emblem, which image three lozenge, joint between each other. Truly speaking, first car with name of Mitsubishi was appeared in 1917, but that was the time, when automobile manufacture had no development, which suspended the manufacture production. Mitsubishi constructors were worked out a system of direct jab of fuel. Today Japanese automobiles are in requisition; they are used by a large part of the population. It is no wonder that new Mitsubishi models are one the most expected in the nearest future. Tokio Motor Show became a place for demonstration of three new concepts – GC-PHEV, XR-PHEV and AR. All of them are equipped with new drive and treat systems and give a possibility to keep in touch with other cars. One would think, that there no place for improvement, but that is not about new Mitsubishi models. Now Mitsubishi manufacture work with new auto car (sedan), which is based on Renault platform and has orientation to North-American auto market. Outlander will be under updates too. During 2015-2016 years Mitsubishi planned to improve 5 other models.