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History of Rolls-Royce begins May 1, 1904, after a trendy restaurant in Manchester "Midland" "Midland Area", there was a meeting between the two gentlemen. Met 40 year-old Frederick Henry Royce (1863-1933), the son of a miller, a talented self-taught engineer, entrepreneur and owner of Manchester "Royce Ltd", which produces electric cranes and dynamos and Charles Stewart Rolls (1877-1910), an athlete, an aristocrat and heir to a multimillion state, a graduate of the prestigious Trinity College in Cambridge, fascinated by cars and airplanes, which in 1902 opened a trade imported to the UK by the French cars. Shortly after this memorable meeting, during which they discussed plans for a new car, gentlemen signed an agreement on the establishment of the company Rolls-Royce. From the beginning, the basis for the philosophy of the new company its founders laid the car manufacturer of extremely high quality. A prehistory of this landmark for the British motor industry meeting is as follows: Acquired Royce in 1904, two-cylinder model of the French brand "Decauville" failed to fully meet the demands of its owner, but does not refer to the worst cars of its time and Royce wanted to develop its own - "car above all criticism ". By the way the company "Decauville" existed from 1897 to 1911. Its first model, inspired Royce to create their own models, "Vaiturette" is available with two engines of 1.5 hp, which is manufactured by "Dixie" in Germany and "Marchand" in Italy under license. In 1925 saw the light of Rolls-Royce Phantom I - impressive and very expensive car equipped with a six-cylinder overhead valve engine with a volume of 7668 cubic centimeters, clearly does not fit into a chassis. It was released only 3463 of these cars and in 1929 replaced the Phantom I came Phantom II. This unit with a new chassis developed a speed of 120 km / h and was produced until the appearance Phantom III in 1935. New Phantom was V-shaped 12-cylinder engine with the ability to reach speeds of 148 km / h. He was the last model of Rolls-Royce, released before the war, as well as the latest in a line of cars, fully designed and manufactured in the company. With the death of one of the founders, as well as with the start of World War II, Rolls-Royce has significantly reduced the rate of production cars. But already in 1949, was put into production Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn, and a year later there was another new car market - Silver Cloud. Also in 1950 began production of Phantom IV, is reserved exclusively for members of the royal family and top officials. This car can reach speeds of up to 160 km / h, however, it was not worth it, and the ability to go long at a walking pace during official ceremonies and does not overheat, it has become possible thanks to a well-designed engine cooling system. In the early 70s the company Rolls-Royce understood the crisis, and in February 1971 she was officially declared itself bankrupt. However, the British government could not lose the pride of its automobile industry and to save Rolls-Royce, has invested in the business about $ 250 million. And in the same year, the company launched a new car. The first model, which appeared after the crisis has become Rolls-Royce Corniche - first-class coupe-cabriolet, stayed on the car market until 1995. Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph, which appeared in 1998, became the principal innovation of the company, the development of which began in 1994. Year of release of this model coincided with the transition of control over the company in the hands of the German company BMW. Mark Bentley, as well as all the car factories Crewe passed into the possession of the concern Volkswagen Group. In January 2003, there was a complete shift brand Rolls-Royce in the ownership of BMW. In 2004, the centenary of its current owners of the Germans in conjunction with the British model released, known as Rolls-Royce 100EH, which marked the round date. In 2008 was released the new Phantom Coupe, built based on the concept 101EX. Continuous innovation was made of polished aluminum front strut, 21-inch wheels and a 453-horsepower engine, aggregated 6-speed automatic transmission. In autumn 2009, the British automaker introduced its new model under the name of the legendary Ghost. Car specifications are impressive: 12-cylinder gasoline engine of 6.6 liters and 563 hp to disperse the car to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds. Also worth mentioning is the 8-speed automatic transmission and innovative suspension with adaptive shock absorbers. The world premiere of the car Rolls-Royce Ghost held at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2011. The novelty in comparison with the original 17 cm stretched wheelbase. Another innovation - offers a panoramic glass roof. Technical equipment of the vehicle remains the same. Representatives of the company Rolls-Royce said that the new product is intended for those who base version of the car Phantom seems too large.