Home Auto News Officially: Volkswagen stops the production of Phaeton

Officially: Volkswagen stops the production of Phaeton


The executive car was in production for 14 years.

The Volkswagen Company stopped release of a flagman sedan of Phaeton, which were created since 2002. It has been reported by the press service of the German car maker.

The last production of Phaeton descended from the conveyor of “A glass manufactory” Volkswagen in Dresden. It was the four-wheel drive sedan of black color, what was equipped with the 4,2-liter V8 engine of 335 hp.

The Dresden factory will be closed on March 29. Then there will be organized showroom, where will be shown the latest developments of Volkswagen in the field of electrical power units and digital technologies.

It was announced that Volkswagen Phaeton of new generation would appear closer by 2020. Despite the financial losses coming from “diesel-gate”, Germans are not going to refuse development of the following of Phaeton. Upon preliminary data, the sedan will receive completely electric modification, the new adaptive suspender and systems of independent control.


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