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Philippine student draw new Mitsubishi Lancer 2015


Philippine student Enoch Gonzales did not wait for presentation of new generation Lancer by Mitsubishi Company and draw his version of cultic sedan.

foto_001 (1)

The project of young designer Enoch Gonzalez from Philippine demonstrates how aggressive can be new generation Lancer outside. The student used modern stylistics of car of “dynamic shield” as a base, added chrome elements and increased radiator case.


It is worth noting that recently the vice president of the American division of Mitsubishi Motors Sviringen Don (Don Swearingen) confirmed that the company is working on the creation of the next Lancer and a half or two years we will be able to see the car a new generation. The current delay is due to the fact that originally it was planned that the car will be developed in a joint project with Nissan, but these plans were not destined to come.


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