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“Rolls-Royce” Phantom was dedicated theater spotlight


Rolls-Royce has introduced a special version of the long wheelbase sedan Phantom, dedicated limelight – the type of stage lighting, which in the XIX century was used in theaters. The English definition of the lighting, «limelight», subsequently entered the stable phrase «to be in the limelight» – «to be the center of attention.”


The target audience of special version Phantom Limelight named people who “are the object of attention of the entire world.” The main feature of the car was a special rear seats with multiple adjustments on the floor in front of which are retractable footrest.

In addition, the “Rolls Royce” has equipped the rear doors of a special “Phantom” niches for perfume bottles, jewelry and other accessories. The interior trim materials used white and blue colors. The car body is also painted in dark blue.


Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight will release a limited edition of 25 copies. A price for a special version is not specified.

A special division of Rolls-Royce, which produces a special version of the machine regularly devote their projects to different events and historical figures. So, one of the last was dedicated version Tipu Sultan – Indian Muslim ruler of the principality of Mysore, who in the XVIII century, fought the British colonialists.


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