Home Auto News Seven-seater SUV BMW X7 will appear in 2019

Seven-seater SUV BMW X7 will appear in 2019


Flagship SUV BMW X7 will appear at car market at the soonest 2018, although before it was waited in 2017. During reporting annual conference Bavarians officially announced the car to be, and even showed the first photo of the SUV, which was hidden under a translucent cover. However, that image doesn’t give any idea of car appearance. The covered BMW X1 of the first generation with artificially increased proportions was presented on slides of the company. More realistic pictures, made by the artist Theophilus Chin, were published earlier by the Spanish motor.es portal.

By today, it is only known that the future SUV code-named of F17 will become bigger than X5, and will also receive three rows of seats and it will be constructed on the model CLAR platform which has already formed the basis of a flagman sedan of the seventh series.

BMW-X7-2Most likely that the model will receive the same engines as at “seven”, including the most powerful V12 engine which will be for the first time put on brand crossovers. It is not excluded that later the car will receive also the hybrid power unit. The four-wheel drive will be offered for surcharge.

Upon preliminary information BMW X7 will become more luxury that “seven”. For instance, the option with two rows and four individual chairs will be offered, where every will be equipped with ventilation systems and massage.

Bavarians nourished idea for creation of the flagman SUV for a long time, but crisis of 2008 has forced to postpone works. Bavarians have returned to work on the competitor of Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GLS and Audi Q7 a few years ago, and in the spring of 2014 in Bavaria the first test prototypes have been noticed. The flagship SUV will be issued at plant in South Carolina. Bavarians decided to sell on 45 thousand cars annually at the price from 130 thousand euros.


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