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TOP-10 of The Best Hybrid Cars: The Most Popular Hybrid Vehicles in 2018


best hybrid cars
We’re gonna talk about top rated hybrid cars ever. But at first you need to know some interesting things about hybrids.

Hybrid engine cars are slowly gaining positions on the automobile market on a global scale. Due to popularity growth and, as consequence, production growth, car owners in different countries have a unique chance to test the main advantages of hybrid vehicles. They are especially preferred because of the stable growth of petroleum prices and economy requirements becoming stricter to new ecological standards of engines. Big international car producers prefer trusted combustion engines on their hybrid models.

What is a hybrid vehicle and how does it work?

1. What is the hybrid car?

A hybrid car is the transport vehicle operated by means of the specialized power-plant. Its characteristic feature is the use of two and more energy sources.

It is important to notice that if only the electric motor is working, the rate of movement is limited by the capacity of accumulator. Hybrid vehicle often contains enough to ride about 200-250 km.

2. When were hybrid cars invented?

The first car with the hybrid drive was invented by the designer Ferdinand Porsche in 1900 — 1901. It was Lohner-Porsche. But it was only the prototype which didn’t come to a mass production. Full-fledged hybrids appeared almost 100 years later.

3. What was the first hybrid car?

The first hybrid car was produced by a business concern “Toyota” in 1997. In two years  “Honda” showed out the innovative model “Insight” to the market.

honda insajd

After some time the auto-giants of Europe continued the tradition of the Japanese and American producers, namely “Ford”, “Audi”, “Volvo” and “BMW”. By the end 2014 year the general quantity of the produced and sold hybrids made more than 7 million models.

4. Hybrid cars – how do they work?

The principle of work of a hybrid vehicle consists of setting an additional storage battery and electromotor besides the usual engine. The torque of the usual combustion engine charges the electromotor battery. Such car works on electricity or fuel.

5. Hybrid car advantages

Basic advantages of hybrid car consist of substantial economy of fuel expense and reduction of discharge of harmful substances to the environment (20 times lower). The on-board computer controls the level of discharge to the atmosphere.

Undeniable advantages of hybrid cars are provided due to next factors:

  • the use of accumulators of large capacity;
  • concerted work of both the combustion engine and the electric motor;
  • the use of braking energy.

With every year, large producers (“Honda”, “Lexus” etc.) improve the produced hybrid cars, equipping them with systems of exhausted gas recirculation, change of phase of gas-distribution and stop-start.

Many innovative developments were approved in the process of exploitation. With their direct help it is possible to economize the expensive fuel and not harm the environment. The improved aerodynamics and tires with the lowered level of resistance to rolling let provide comfort during a journey.

The biggest effect of hybrid cars exploitation is achieved when driving municipal streets with its frequent stopping and idling mode. Highways trips will not differ much.

TOP 5 of the best hybrid cars in the industry

Today hybrid cars demonstrate excellent working specs provided due to the optimal combination of an electric motor and a combustion engine. The TOP 10 of the best hybrid cars in the world mainly contains Japanese and Korean models.

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt is a front-wheel drive 4-seat hatchback, the engine has a volume of 1,4 litres 83 bhp. It was presented to American public in 2007. On municipal streets, the car with an electromotor of 149 bhp can last up to 60 km. Thus, it does not expend any fuel and saves the primary specs. The energy source of the car is a Li-Ion storage battery with the capacity of 16 kW-h. Distant trips start a four-cylinder petrol combustion engine of 84 bhp. It automatically turns on at high speeds and adds necessary acceleration and power here. However, the downside of this hatchback is its high price.

Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT 200h is a hatchback with compact sizes. It has great dynamics, sportive design and a more accessible price as compared to analogical models. The car is equipped with a hybrid variator power-plant. During the crash-tests, it got five stars, well deserved.

Fusion Hybrid

A family sedan, Fusion Hybrid, can boast the 2,5-liters 4-cylinder Atkinson engine for many people is the best hybrid car. This medium-sized hybrid provides the driver with great comfort, spacious and capacious salon, and a substantial economy of fuel.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Popularity of Toyota Camry Hybrid is explained by not only the substantial economy of fuel but also high indexes of safety, attractive design and exceptionally hi-tech decisions. The vehicle made debut in 2006 and has positively showed itself in many countries. Enhanced safety of the car is presented by these elements:

  • 10 pillows of safety;
  • special window shades for a driver and all passengers;
  • lateral pillows of safety on front and back seats;
  • the system of course stability (VSC) and ABS (antislide brake);
  • optimal distribution of brake effort (EBD) etc.

The hybrid’s acceleration is peculiar – 100 km/h in just 7,3 seconds. It has the unique chrome-plated grate with the integrated headlights common for the previous models. The car is equipped with a 200 bhp engine.

Kia Optima

Kia Optima is a parallel hybrid with a 4-cylinder engine of 2,4 litres. Its original appearance and interior decoration can be attributed to the prestige business-class. The power of the car reaches 206 bhp, and it accelerates to 100 km/h in 8,6 seconds. Economical sedan can boast the elegantly executed salon with chairs upholstered with white skin. In addition, it has the engine start button, and an informatively-entertaining system (UVO). The new hybrid saw the world in 2013; it possesses enhanced safety due to the presence of additional frontal and lateral pillows of safety, ABS system and electronic stability control (ESC).

The best hybrid outlanders

As the popularity of electric sedans and hatchbacks grows, so does the demand on hybrid outlanders. Producers combine a small petrol and electric engine with an accumulator in cars with solid original appearance and impressive sizes. Due to such equipment, a much wider range of possibilities and considerable economy of fuel becomes opened to popular outlanders, as compared to usual electric transport vehicles. Let’s enumerate the most reliable models.

Ford Escape Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid is rightfully considered the most economical outlander. It consumes a 1 litre per 12 km in municipal terms. A hybrid is characterized with high indexes of safety and medium productivity values. A five-seat car’s fresh design has 5 doors (including the back). It can be produced both front- and all-wheel drive. Petrol engine and the electric motor will work simultaneously for the acceleration if necessary. Their separate work is possible at small speed and absence of necessity to charge the battery. Batteries can be constantly recharged from energy of braking or at the speed lowering from sublimities, ignoring the petrol engine. The characteristic feature of the outlander is the absence of possibility to charge a battery straight from a network.

 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

A full-size outlander Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid from a business concern General Motorscan easily host 8 persons. It appeared at the market in 2007, and to date it can be considered a competitive model having a great number of positive reviews from owners. It has an excellent manoeuvrability and suspension. There are two electromotors along with a well-powered V8. The economic expense of fuel – a liter per 7 km. Switching between the petrol engine and the electric motor and vice versa will be unnoticeable during the ride. Costliness of the outlander is fully justified; this will be an ideal variant for drivers requiring a lot of space.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander Hybrid rightfully carries the honoured rank of the best hybrid outlander by its size and operating specs. There are seats for 5 or 7 persons in it, and an economic expense of fuel – a litre per 6,4 km. Reasons of its popularity consist in a moderate price, various options and good productivity. The crossover has an ability to operate only on one of the motors.

Lexus RX Hybrid

A five-seat outlander Lexus RX Hybrid is produced either front- or all-wheel drive. The car has sufficient power for an everyday ride. Its technical specs are as such:

  • a 3.5-liter V6 engine;
  • two electromotors (three for AWD models);
  • non-sequential transmission (CVT) for the most effective use of engine power. The economy of fuel of the hybrid is proved by the expense of a liter per 6,4 km on a speed highway and on a 8,4 km within the limits of city. The interior has originality by the use of exceptionally high quality materials. There are 9 loud speakers, satellite radio, USB-port, start-button and the climate-control that functions in the automatic mode.

Hybrid outlander Audi Q7 E

Hybrid outlander Audi Q7 E – Tron can overcome a distance of 1300-1400 km without refuelling. A trouble-free and money-saving journey is secured by a 127bhp electric motor and 258bhp turbo-diesel. The outlander can be confessed immediately due to the unique 19-inch disks and slightly modified bumpers.

The new hybrids 2018

 Toyota Camry

The biggest-selling car in America, Toyota Camry will now be accessible in a hybrid version. Model’s design will look like the famous Corolla or popular Avalon. Economic expense of fuel – 5 litres per 100 km will make every owner happy. Toyota Camry Hybrid – is one of new hybrids 2018, that becomes more sportive due to the rounded forms and presence of 2000 new sheet-metal details. The hybrid auto features hard working part and extended corps.

There are the technical specs of the hybrid:

  • 4-cylinder 145 bhp DOHC engine;
  • an electric 141 bhp motor that reaches 4500 RPM;
  • non-sequential gearbox with 3 modes.

The sportive sedan attracts attention with its aggressive appearance and LED headlights (close and distant lights). An interior decoration boasts an informatively-entertaining panel with a multimedia system besides an attractive interior.

A worldwide known automaker Bugatti will produce a new hybrid Veyron supercar in 2018. A unique in its way model will be able to boast a 1500 bhp petrol engine. This novelty will be avalaible just for the few as it is planned as a limited series of 450 units. On assertions of developers, the car will be able to overcome a speed mark of 410 km/h on highways. For this reason, the French hybrid has all chances to get the title of the fastest car of the world.

What is the cheapest hybrid car?

Finally the most interesting – what hybrid car the cheapest? Here is the TOP of the most affordable hybrid cars.

To purchase a hybrid car and to save money on fuel expenses is a goal for many our compatriots. The veritable followers of the hybrid technology assert about low expenses that are individual for every model. Let’s consider the cheapest hybrid cars:

  1. Тoyota Auris Hybrid will cost you 27280 dollars. The expense of petrol during a city ride is about 6,5 litres per 100 km.
  2. Honda Insight will cost 25 887 dollars.
  3. Hybrid Honda CR – Z costs 23 940 dollars.
  4. Honda Jazz Hybrid HE occupies the honoured second place among the most accessible hybrid cars on a world arena. It will cost you 21 600 dollars on average.
  5. An absolute leader in cheapness among all hybrids is Toyota Yaris. An average initial cost is 19 820 dollars. Thus the expense of fuel also is most subpar, as compared to other enumerated models – only 3,5 litres per 100 km.

Toyota Yaris

Thus, expediency of overpayment for a hybrid car is individual for every car proprietor. On the preliminary stage of purchase everybody analyses all its advantages and compares the specs of a hybrid with an analogical petrol engine model. However, depreciation, insurance, charges on technical service, cost of repair and consumption of fuel, are all taken into account.

Video about the best hybrid cars


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