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TOP-10 of The Sexiest Cars 2021: The Hottest Cars Ever Made


sexy carLet’s talk about sexy cars – the hottest vehicles of all times.

It is often said that a car is a part of a woman’s wardrobe. The vehicle’s design is a great subject to boast in front of your friends and society in general. For a man, a vehicle is also not just a transport mean. It raises his self-appraisal and shows his social status. It turns out that your chances of making acquaintances at a night club or other social places are much higher if you got there by a luxury car.

Sexy Car Models: What Is It?

sexy cars: porsche boxster

One popular American specialized magazine made a poll to determine the sexiest car involving readers of all various age. Porsche Boxster took the leading position. This showy roadster is so favored because it is incredibly fast and rides smoothly at the same time. The first model was introduced far in 1996, since then it has been modified several times:

  • the engine beefed up to 252 hp;
  • an option to install convertible roof;
  • chassis improvements, interior modifications etc.

The third generation of a legendary series debuted in 2012 and was marked with a huge platform improvement and wheelbase lengthening. The model uses a lot of aluminum alloy, that’s why the modern Boxster lost some weight and gained more body stiffness at the same time.

sexy cars rating

Top 10 of the Hottest Cars in the World

sexiest car in the world

The rating of the sexiest cars of 2016 has little changes against the list of 2 previous years. The distinct leader is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It shows up that this luxury vehicle conquers hearts of both men and women with not only appearance but speed. It has a V8 engine of 420 bhp, with a swept volume of 6,3 liters. It gains 60 mph in 3,8 seconds. The price is about $183000. A few years ago there was a car accident on our roads, an SLS AMG crashed into soviet VAZ 2112. The front of the Mercedes was totally ruined and the video of the accident got thousands of views.

sexy cars: honda crz hybrid

A more acceptable Honda CR-Z ($19200) also pretends to be one of the best hot cars. Hatchback got a 102 bhp engine and an electromotor of 20 bhp. One the hot car models, the hybrid vehicle with a unique exterior and comfortable ride proved to be excellent for urban conditions.

Lamborghini Murcielago is one of the sexiest cars in the world

The sexiest automobile for Miami habitants became Lamborghini Murcielago convertible with a price-tag of $319000.

the sexiest car: maserati quattroporte

According to a Forbes poll, the most attractive car ever made is Maserati Quattroporte sedan that costs $110000.

sexy cars: Aston Martin Rapide S

A sportive sedan, Aston Martin Rapide accelerates to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. The real pearl of British car industry has a 5,9 liter engine of 470 bhp.

sexy car models: mazda2

A compact Mazda 2 is surely attracting a lot of women’s looks. The car can’t boast excellent dynamic features but its small size and great manoeuvrability fit perfectly for the city streets. Its price of $15500 is also incredible.

Also interesting in OnlyCars Club:

sexy car models: porsche 911

What is TOP ten of sexiest cars without a Porsche 911? It is often chosen by men hoping to spend a night (or maybe more) not alone. It can rush to 60 mph in 3 seconds and this thrust won’t be uncomfortable for the driver. 911 features a pumped front bumper (movable skirt), that resists deformation during a bad parking attempt. Notable oval headlight, smooth bodylines and engine’s wild roar guarantee instant acceleration and endless pleasure of driving.

sexiest car

Many Hollywood stars prefer Lexus LS Hybrid sedan. Its price starts at $61000. It features a lengthened wheelbase and silent ride. About sixty specialists were involved into its design development. This representative automobile went over 3 thousand modifications since its creation (1989). Today the luxury sedan features elegant exterior lines with a chromed radiator grate and a thought-out interior.

Corvette Z06 is one of the sexiest cars in the world

Chevrolet Corvette boasts a revolutionary climate-control system. It features exceptional comfort and wonderful control. According to social polls, the true fans of this car are recently divorced men of 30-35 years old.

top sexy cars: cadillac cts

The price of a unique in a way Cadillac CTS sedan starts at $32000 for the basic package. Going to a travel or a voyage, the driver and his passengers will surely attract attention. LED headlights and smooth bodylines look great in the dusk or at night. Minimal noise level, comfort allowing to drive with ease – these are the features of Cadillac.

sexy car models: ferrari 458

The exterior of last of TOP 10 hottest cars Ferrari 430 is stunning. Thanks to the improved laser welding technology, it became possible to greatly reduce the body vibrations during a speedy run. Smooth driving, wide multimedia display and an original exterior decision – this list of legendary Ferrari advantages is far from complete.

The fastest hot cars of the world

Speaking of hot car models, their appearance is not always the main criteria. The majority of car owners consider their speed characteristics along the technical ones. The rating consists of:

  • Fiat Coupe 2,0 Turbo (60 mph in 6,5 seconds, maximum speed – 160 mph);
  • Ford Focus ST (60 mph in 5,9 seconds, 250 bhp);
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (60 mph in 6,4 seconds, maximum speed – 160 mph);
  • Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (60 mph in 6,3 seconds, maximum speed – 156 mph);
  • Honda Accord Coupe V6 (60 mph in 6,2 seconds, maximum speed – 160 mph);
  • Renault Megane RS (60 mph in 6,1 seconds, maximum speed – 160 mph);
  • Mazda3 MPS (60 mph in 6,1 seconds, maximum speed – 160 mph);
  • Opel Astra GTC OPC (60 mph in 6 seconds, maximum speed – 160 mph).

Nowadays the automobile is one of the main attributes of attractivity. BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and other legendary brands are considered the owners of the most attractive car models. Based on polls taken in many countries, 3 out of 5 people do not mind getting laid in one of such cars or already have done that.


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