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TOP 10 of the Cheapest AWD Vehicles and the Best Cheap SUVs 2018


Last year’s segments of offroaders and crossovers have received great development of sales and have been abreast with increasing need. That section is presented in various price tiers and everything depends only on your finances and your priority of luxury or availability.

Here you can find a list of the best cheap AWD cars and crossovers, which includes wide variety of choice. All presented AWD cars and crossovers befit to very different drivers needs. Prices only show basic complication, so if you want additional options, you should pay the rest over several thousands of dollars.
Top 10 cheapest AWD cars and crossovers 2016

Cheap all wheel drive cars (AWD cars)

Mazda-CX-510. Mazda CX-5 $23500

The cheap good SUV is crossover with front and AWD system. Mazda-CX5 is the first representative of new generation cars Mazda, which receive all range of SKYACTIV novel technologies. Compact crossover built on absolute new platform Mazda. These cheap AWD cars have unique design and possess excellent driving characteristics. Novel technologies decrease fuel consumption, but dynamics and drive system save high level.
That cheapest AWD car has 2-liters petrol engine with direct fuel injection, what agree with Euro-4 standards.
subaru sv crosstrek

9. Subaru XV Crosstrek $22400

This one of the cheapest AWD vehicles was presented in the world of cars in 2011 as a prototype, in 2012 was added to a series, and with the 2014-year plans to conquer the markets of the world in a more cheap hybrid version with a small electromotor, which helps opposed IC-engine. That one of the best 4×4 crossover has AWD system, 2-liters petrol engine and electromotor.
kia sportage

8. KIA Sportage $21750

That one of the best cheap AWD cars is Korean model, that was earned respect on roads and gained a reputation of save and affordable crossover. Today KIA proposes two engines: petrol and diesel. Both of these have 2-liters capacity. Energy petrol aggregate is 142 hp and energy of diesel motor is 112 hp. Both cars are with automatic transmission. All are equipped with a complete set of ABS. ESP is placed on the more expensive version.

7. Hyundai Tucson $21650

This cheap AWD car was first introduced in 2004. Since then it has changed a lot and today can compete with many competitors in its class. Tech and modern Tucson offers a very wide range of features and amenities. In this crossover is not without off-road qualities and has more interior space. In the Russian market Hyundai Tucson is offered with three engines: a 2-liter petrol (142 hp) diesel (112 hp) and 2.7-liter V6 (175 hp). 2-liter engines, as can be seen, the same as that put on the KIA Sportage. To disperse hundreds in 2.7-liter Tucson takes 10.5 seconds.

6. Mitsubishi ASX $19500

Mitsubishi ASX – offroader «K1» with front and AWD system. The world premiere of a restyled version of the model was held at the New York Motor Show in April 2012, and its European version made its debut in Paris in September of the same year.
Mitsubishi ASX restyled built on the same platform as its predecessor, but engineers have upgraded rear suspension cost-intensive to make driving more comfortable. Overall same dimensions remain the same: the length of the car is 4295 mm; its width is 1770 mm, and height – 1625 mm. And all this are at a 2670 mm wheelbase and 195 mm of ground clearance. The last parameter indicates that the ASX under the power to overcome even the most difficult sections of the road.

The cheapest crossovers


5. Chevrolet Tracker $18500

Chevrolet Tracker is one of the best cheap small SUVs, class “K1” to the front or AWD system. The world premiere was in Paris Auto Show in September 2012.
Motor gamma crossover has four power units. Petrol – 1.6-liter “aspirated” capacity of 115 liters (85 kW), 1.4-liter turbocharged, issuing 140 “horses” (103 kW) and 200 Nm of torque. As for diesel, then there is only one powertrain – 1.7-liter CDTI turbo 130 liters (93 kW) and 300 Nm of torque. Engines can be aggregated as a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-band “automatic”. All versions are equipped with a manual transmission system “start-stop”.

4. Toyota RAV4 $18500

Toyota RAV4 is crossover “K1” with the front or AWD system. The world premiere of the 4-generation model was held at the LA Auto Show in November 2012.
Base for Toyota RAV4 performs 2-liter petrol engine capacity of 145 liters, working together with a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT. The next in the hierarchy listed 2.5-liter unit, issuing 180 “horses” (works only with “automatic”), but there is also a diesel engine – a 2.2-liter, and, turbocharged, thereby produces 150 hp. p. energy.

3. Renault Duster $18000

Renault Duster is a compact cheap crossover with front or AWD system. The car is built on a global platform Nissan B. That crossover presentation took place in Geneva International Auto Show in March 2010.
Renault Duster gamma motor consists of three units: a 1.6-liter 102-horsepower gasoline and two diesel 1.5-liter and a capacity of 85 and 90 liters. p. Engines can be aggregated as a 5-speed and 6-speed manual gearbox.

2. Nissan Juke $16200

Nissan Juke is one of good cheap AWD cars. It is a compact crossover, built on a global platform Nissan B. Debut model was held at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010. Production of the car in the factories established in the English and Japanese Oppama Sunderland. Juke is available with both front and all-wheel drive All-Mode 4×4-i with variable thrust vectoring. Front-wheel drive versions are equipped with racks McPherson suspension in front and a torsion beam with the guide arm – behind. At the same all-wheel drive modification installed rear suspension is the same as that of Nissan Qashqai.

1. Peugeot 2008 $16000

Peugeot 2008 (Peugeot 2008) – front-wheel drive crossover class “K1”, built on the platform of a hatchback model 208. The world premiere took place at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012.
Engine running on heavy fuel oil, and is available with micro-hybrid technology e-HDi, by which the French were able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances. Somebody calls it the best cheap small SUV.

For information

Cars with AWD system present system, where drive gear give in all wheels. 4х4 is general name of every all wheel drive automobiles. That system is characteristic for all offroaders and crossovers.


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