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Top-10 of the Best Luxury Cars in the World 2018

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Our list includes the best luxury cars in the world, which are not affordable for everyone, because the biggest part of them are produced in a limited edition.

What is a luxury car?

What makes a car a luxury car?

At creation of magnificent cars are used the advanced achievements in the field of an automobile structure and innovative design solutions. They differ in expensive materials, magnificent road performance, a comfortable driving and faultless technical characteristics. The possession of such car unique in own way is a sign of prestige and the special status.

In the closest plans of the famous Swedish producer of Koenigsegg cars release of a luxury auto, which will be decorated with diamonds. Cost such “an equipment miracle” will make about 5 million dollars therefore only the chosen units can afford it. Quite often carry cars of old brands to which dimensions, the strict design decision, expensive upholstery of salon and equipment by additional non-standard functions are peculiar the inspiring sizes to magnificent cars.

One of the best luxury car brands is Rolls-Royce. For example, expensive models of Rolls-Royce present mats, which are made of a rare wool (10-15 cost thousands of dollars). The cars also have special support under the umbrella for the true lovers of upper class. The most well-known luxury car manufacturers include Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Maybach and other. Distinctive features of the most expensive cars in the world:

  • Production exclusively only under specifically taken client;
  • 10-cylinder motor;
  • A record in maximum speed (up to 405 km/h);
  • The presence of a refrigerator, bar, septum and special humidor for cigars;
  • Acceleration to the highest possible performance for 3 seconds;
  • Expensive decoration, etc.

So, the world auto industry will improve produced exclusive models every year. All its know-how development, they lifted the car manufactured in the ranking of elitism and inaccessibility for average motorists.

Top 5 of the most expensive luxury cars in the world

Let’s check out the top luxury cars – models with the empyreal price.

Bugatti VeyronThe highest place in the ranking of the most expensive luxury cars takes Bugatti Veyron 16.4. Price of that legendary car is 1.4 million. In addition to the high cost, the supercar boasts unprecedented speed and power. The car is equipped with a 16-cylinder motor with 1000 hp, so it does not make much effort to accelerate to 407 km / h in 2.5 seconds. Impressive is not only according to the manufacturer specifications king of sports cars, but also its trendy design. Characteristics of this luxury car are:

  • Existence of a high-performance brake system;
  • Low hand-made profile tires ;
  • 7-speed robotized transmission;
  • Reserve fuel reservior of 100 liters is enough for 12 minutes at maximum speed.

The original marketspeak for potential owners of Bugatti Veyron 16.4. is a gift in the form of an exclusive perfume. Nowadays were made about 300 innovative models. The embodiment of new technical possibilities in the automotive industry was made “a great success” in public worldwide.

Koenigsegg CCXR

The exclusive luxury auto Koenigsegg CCXR is unique in its own way. The Swedish company tried wonderfully well and released the magnificent car with a white coal plastic. Because of production on confidential technology, the unusual color scale starts sparkling and be poured on a sunlight. In the world there are only 3 similar models worth about 1 million dollars, and it in turn emphasizes a car exclusivity. The car can brag of a two-level rear wing with the stabilizing functions which will be useful during turns and much will improve the level of course stability. The liter engine (1018 h.p.) which functions on bioethanol is responsible for the power of the Swedish supercar 4,8-t. Such approach allows unique model of a premium class to achieve high dynamic characteristics.

Pagani Zonda

To buy Italian supercar Pagani Zonda his potential owner will have to pay 700-800 thousand dollars (depending on the configuration and personal preferences). The car has a stylish outside and excellent drivability. It has a leading position on the speed of acceleration due to the effective removal of air resistance. For this purpose on a sport car the volume air inlet thanks to what the stream will be redirected on the car bottom with further increase in clamping force at a forward axis is established. In the course of production of the car modern heavy-duty materials which are capable to lose weight of model of the Italian production to 1070 kg are used. Thanks to such competent approach it is possible to increase productivity of the power unit.

Maybach 62 S

Next place is for the executive sedan Maybach 62 S. Its price is about 450 thousand dollars. Every model is made manually on the basis of all the desires of the customer. Its principal difference from competitors should be noticed:

  • 20-inch wheels with thin spokes;
  • Chrome grille and body-color effect lacquered surfaces;
  • Installation of 12-cylinder biturbo engine with a capacity of 612 hp.

Every future owner of Maybach 62 S personally selects the finish for interior cabin combines all the elements. Thus, the customer will have to choose and approve the installation of separate seats with massage function, mechanical ventilation, the necessary support legs, as well as various electronic systems (necessary for the business person). In the car there dimming glass roof with adjustable transparency. Please car owners, and provide comfort when traveling bar and separate climate for each passenger.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Price of the legendary Rolls-Royce Phantom is about 400 thousand dollars, it helps him to take the 5th place. It is equipped with engine capacity of 6.7 liters and output of 453 hp. Accelerate to 100 km / h limousine can in 5.7 seconds. The luxury car is everything for comfortable travel, namely the partition front compartment, lined dashboard, table, able to switch gears on the steering wheel, heated seats for all passengers, etc.

TOP 5 of the most luxury sedan cars

Bugatti Galibier 16C

The most expensive is a sedan Bugatti Galibier 16C, which released a limited edition of just 150 copies. Its price is about 1 mln. 600 thousand dollars. The lightest car in its class can develop a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour. All-wheel drive sedan has a stylish appearance and availability of additional features for comfortable traveling. In the interior there are seat covers made of thin caramel skin, precious wood trim, chrome detailing and Swiss mechanical watch of exclusive design.

Executive car Maybach Landaulet fully demonstrates all rooted tradition of exclusive models with the ability to tilt the roof just above the rear seat. The spacious lounge is equipped with a partition of the driver of a glass panel that a single motion is transformed into a mat. Functioning in automatic mode, the climate control provides a comfortable ride regardless of the weather outside. The cost of the white luxury sedan car in the base is 1 million 380 thousand dollars.

Bentley Mulsanne

For more affordable luxury sedan can be ranked Bentley Mulsanne for 295,000 dollars. It was appeared in 2009, and remembered fashionable and timeless appearance. Unmatched specifications presented 6.7 liter petrol engine producing 500 hp with two turbines, as well as the 8-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

Purchase of a sedan of Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG will cost 201150 dollars. It is possible to rank high-quality audiopreparation, a leather upholstery of seats, the established electrowindow regulators as features of an interior (back and forward), existence of the hatch and central lock. In a sedan, popular with the powers that be, work of a 5-staged transmission and 19-inch rims of the increased firmness is ideally combined. The faultless driving and excellent coupling irrespective of type of a paving and weather on the street is guaranteed.

Aston Martin RAPIDE

The price of a sedan Aston Martin RAPIDE is $199 950. It is characterized by the elegant radiator enclosure, original interior design and reliable safety system. All four doors of a sedan can be opened upwardly and outwardly with an angle of 12 degrees. Thanks to such design it is possible to minimize probability of emergence of scratches and various deformations in the course of a parking nearby of the high sidewalk. Excellent technical characteristics in combination with expensive finishing of salon do the price of a sedan economically reasonable.

Lexus LX SUV 570

As for a novelty, which date of presentation is planned for 2015, it is possible to carry the magnificent Lexus LX SUV 570 to it. It is developed especially for overcoming of obstacles in cross-country conditions. The unique frame design provides additional rigidity and special durability for the bearing body design. The SUV is equipped with exclusive system of trekshn-control (A-TRAC) for response to paving type. Thanks to it the necessary mode for overcoming of the existing obstacles for each case is activated. The luxury SUV is made in the best traditions of world famous Japanese concern.

Top 5 of affordable luxury cars

Luxury car demands big investment of capital. For comfort driving, feeling of special emotions generously and unique appearance of the car it is necessary to pay. However on the world scene there are also luxury cars for which acquisition it isn’t necessary to spread the astronomical sum of some million dollars.

 Bugatti VeyronBentley Continental Flying Spur

High-speed luxury auto Bugatti Veyron Bentley Continental Flying Spur SPEED will cost 202 500 dollars today. The four-door sedan is characterized by the increased engine capacity without loss of initial grace and comfort during all term of operation. The 610 horsepowers 4,8-liter engine is responsible for the high-speed mode, this unit provides the movement no more than 322 km/h. The magnificent vehicle with unique design is equipped with innovative technology for maintenance of the chosen movement speed in the automatic mode. This system functions is based on authentic indications of a radar.

BMW 760Li

The world-known BMW 760Li got a lot of positive opinions from the few car owners, who could afford it. Relatively not cheap price of $ 137,000 is fully justified. Big size of the automobile do not impair the maneuverability of the car and its perfect handling characteristics. Excellent technical equipment, the unique interior of the passenger compartment, exclusive exterior solutions and a smooth ride – the main reasons of popularity of the this auto car with luxury character.

Maserati Quattroporte GT S

In comparison with legendary Bugatti, the cost of a sedan of Maserati Quattroporte GT S in 133 700 dollars differs in availability. The engine of the car is manufactured at Ferrari plants therefore it isn’t necessary to doubt its wear resistance. All experts appreciate elegant salon of the car which is issued since 2004. Carry engine capacity in 440 h.p. to characteristics of a luxury Italian sedan, dispersal to 100 km. in 5,1 second, the increased safety, existence of the regular parctronic.

Buick Regal Turbo

Front-wheel luxury auto Buick Regal Turbo will cost to the owner 50 000 dollars. It is equipped with 6-staged mechanical transmission, anticreeping system and 8 safety cushions. The 2-liter petrol engine with a power of 270 horsepowers is responsible for a high-speed driving. Provide comfortable feelings during travel on relatives and distant distances multizone climate – and cruise control, possibility of adjustment of lumbar part on all seats with an anatomic form, an active suspension bracket, etc. Since 2014, the luxury car received all-wheel drive system.

Volvo S60

The luxury car Volvo S60 has a modern and elegant design. The price of the car is near 20 000 – 25 000 dollars. The appearance gives the impression of a luxury and presentable sedan. The unique vehicle is equipped with 5-cylinder turbo engine (250 hp). In the basic version of its rightful owner gets cloth seats, leather steering wheel, climate control and a useful system to prevent sudden collisions.

The most famous manufacturers of luxury cars include Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, etc. Legendary brands on everyone’s lips, they are famous for the release of extremely high-quality cars of all classes. World car manufacturers will improve production of exclusive models. All its know-how development, they lifted the car manufactured in the ranking of elitism and inaccessibility for average motorists.

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