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Volkswagen put four conceptual projects, built on the base of Beetle model


Beetle called Convertible Denim, as the name implies, is dedicated to jeans, but because the machine is equipped with a soft-top fabric, similar to denim. Also, “denim Kubrick” differ special paint finishes and a redesigned interior: in particular, appeared in a combined seating and trim denim pockets on backside of the front seats.
Pink Color Edition appeared due to the fact that in the US and China “Beetles” pink proved to be very popular, so this concept is likely to become a serial version of the model. Besides pink hatchback sports a bumper line R-Line and numerous inserts in the cabin.
Convertible Convertible Wave apparently quite common, except that the fans will celebrate the custom color and 19-inch wheels. But inside meets the style of the 50s: chairs trimmed in the fashion, and the instrument panel is finished with wood. In Volkswagen note that Wave, as well as Pink Color Edition, can become one of the standard configuration.
R-Line – is an aggressive body kit, 20-inch wheels, sport seats and carbon fiber inserts in the cabin. Under the hood lies a 2.0-liter turbo power of 217 hp. In this embodiment, the series’ evil Bug “as there is no problem, although the Germans themselves no specific information is not provided.


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