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Volvo presented the “time machine” in LA auto show 2015


Swedish company Volvo is going to show a new concept which is presented as well-known “time machine”. This action will take place in Los Angeles auto show in November 2015. Experimental development does not allow us to travel through the different periods of time, but it certainly helps the driver to save his time.
Volvo "time machine"
The concept is designed on a modular platform SPA for medium- and full-size cars. It’s interesting that a crossover XC90 has already used this platform – furthermore – they plan to join up S90 sedan and V90 wagon soon. Actually, there are no itemized details about this experimental unmanned machine.

The main aim of developers who participated this project was to increase road safety. It is believed that in certain situations the electronic “guardian” is able to react to changes of the environment and help to prevent car accidents.

The implementation of autopilots is a part of a brand “life-affirming” strategy called the Vision 2020 and the ultimate goal of the Swedish company. The development of active and passive safety in Volvo cars will reach such a high level of quality to the end of the decade that people will stop not only to die, but even get injured. According to recent news BMW has officially presented sports coupe M2 on LA auto show


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